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Swimming Pool Fun

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We had a pool party and BBQ last week for a few relatives and friends. As it got closer to cooking dinner, most people started leaving the pool and hang out closer to the BBQ. Except for me and two teenaged beauties that belonged the sister of one of our relatives.

The oldest was barely 17 with long brown hair and a tall, slender body. Her sister was a few years younger and had blondish hair and a great smile. Although I have seen them occasionally at a few family gatherings, I had never seen them wearing swimsuits. I really hadn't even paid much attention to them while we were all swimming, but now that we were the only ones in the pool, I couldn't help but notice. The oldest wore a bikini and filled it out nicely. Her sister wore a light colored one-piece and it was more athletic than anything.

As they have done earlier in the day, they put on a pair of googles once again. Although there is plenty of room in the pool, they kept swimming close to me, moving towards me, swimming away and back towards me again. To others, it probably looked like normal pool fun. But it struck me as odd and I couldn't understand why. I started noticing, however, that each time they approached me, their gaze seemed to be locked forward in my direction as if they were staring at my body. My hand moved to the pair of shorts I was wearing as a swimsuit and noticed the fly was open. Ah-hah. It was all starting to make sense now.

I moved towards the far side of the pool which was further from view of everyone at the BBQ grill but not quite in the deep end. Sure enough, the two girls started swimming closer and repeated their same motions. I decided to give them a real show and see how they would react. As they swam away, I slid my cock out of the fly and gave it a few tugs. I was a little nervous as they approached but they kept moving forward. Suddenly, they stopped and, after a few seconds, came up for air. I was pretending not to notice them and I could hear them treading water. The oldest took a deep breath and went back underwater towards me again. She got about a foot away before she changed direction and headed over to her sister. She whispered something into her ear and coaxed her sister to do what she had just done. She didn't get as close but she could obviously see my dick bobbing in the water just like her sister had seen.

They were both resting on the side of the pool giggling as quietly as they could. Would they say anything? Should I cover up? I decided to give my cock a few more tugs while they were catching their breath. My cock started getting harder and harder and I was enjoying my secret little show. They both took a deep breath and swam underwater in my direction again. I let go of my cock and started bobbing up and down in the water. My hard cock bounced with the motion, giving them a wonderful, surprising view. When they returned to the side of the pool again, they had the biggest grins I have ever seen on two teenage girls. The eldest stood up out of the water a bit, revealing her perky little breasts covered by her bikini. She smiled as we exchanged glances. The older girl grabbed a beach ball and we started hitting it back and forth, all the while her younger sister continued swimming laps underwater and stealing looks at my hard cock. This was obviously a plan they concocted but I was happy to play along.

The eldest called her sister over and commanded her to play with the beach ball now and, sure enough, the older sister put her googles on. It was her turn, eh? Okay, I decided it was time to elevate the game play a little more. As she approached, I slid one hand underwater and tugged on my cock several times. Unlike her sister, she came up for air right next to me and shot me a smile. She didn't say a word but simply went back underwater and watched me stroke my cock again. When she came up for air again, she leaned on the wall next to me and would look down into the water to enjoy the show. I stopped, not sure how to proceed and I felt her foot brush up against my hard cock. By now, I had stopped playing with the beach ball and her sister, so she came our way underwater. When she arrived by her sister's side, the eldest whispered something in her ear, causing her to swim again to the shallow end. The soft caress of the older sister's foot brushed up against me once more and I could see her smiling before she took a deep breath and lowered her head underwater again.

The excitement was getting too much for me so I started stroking faster and faster. She would alternate watching me underwater and flashing a devilish smile while caressing my cock with her foot. I couldn't resist anymore and I motioned for her to go underwater to watch me cum. After dinner, the two girls wanted to go swimming again. How could I say no?



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