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Family Camping Trip

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On our annual family camping trip last summer we took a boat out to a remote island. We set up our tents on the sand. One tent for my parents, one for uncle Dave and Aunt Susan, and one for my two cousins and I. Jason is my age and Katie is a year and a half younger. During the afternoon Katie was being kind of a bitch to Jason, like younger sisters do sometimes. It made him so furious that when it came time to go to bed he unrolled his sleeping bag next to the campfire. He would have killed her if he could have gotten away with it. Katie thought it was amusing. Katie and I had the whole tent to ourselves.

When I unrolled my sleeping bag, on the air mattress, I discovered it had gotten wet on the boat. It wasn't real bad but damp. Katie unzipped her bag, turning it into a blanket and invited me to slide my air mattress next to hers and share the blanket. 'Are you sure?' I asked. 'Uh huh. You can't sleep in a wet sleeping bag!' I slid my stuff next to hers and got under the blanket with her. We both had on jogging pants and t-shirts. We talked for quite a while before falling asleep. Katie is quite popular. She is hot, confident and everybody loves her (except for Jason right then).

I woke in the night to something pressing on my crotch. I realized Katie and I were spooning. Her tight ass was slowly grinding on me. I also realized I had an erection. My reflex told me to pull away but my penis was telling me that it felt so damn good. As I quickly came to my senses I realized that Katie was awake too and conciously grinding on my cock. She was breathing heavy and made some squeaking sounds every few seconds. I couldn't believe it. She was masturbating and using my cock to do so! I watched for a bit as precum began leaking from my cock. Then I put my arm around her and started matching her rythym with my hips. 'I'm sorry!' She was horrified. 'Its OK', I whispered.'I like it'. 'You do?' 'Yeah Katie. You are smokin' hot. Of course I like it. I'm a guy'. 'We can't tell anybody!' 'I know'.

She was a bit uneasy but quickly loosened up as I complimented her. I took her hand and put it on my bulge. She began exploring with her hands so I took the que and did the same. I slid my hand up her shirt and played with her soft, smooth tits. They were perfect! She looked at me with adoring eyes. I leaned in and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around my neck as we made out for a few minutes. Then she pulled her shirt off and I immediately went down to her tits sucking on them. I stripped down to my boxers and she removed her jogging pants. I moved down her perfect body, kissing all the way down to her panties. I kissed her inner thighs then put my mouth on her pussy and blew hot air through her panties on to her wet pussy. I could smell her hot pussy. She moaned and wiggled.

I moved back up into the spooning position and pulled down her panties. Her pussy was smooth and wet. I pulled out my cock and started grinding on her sexy ass. My hand went for her slit, moving up and down it lubricating it from hole to clit. I parted her lips and explored her small inner lips then clit. I could tell she was close to cumming so I stuck my middle finger in her hole then removed it and slid it up to her clit and back down into her pussy. I did this over and over. Finally she thrust her ass against me hard and convulsed as she orgasmed. After she caught her breath she turned toward me and kissed me then slid down and rubbed her perfect b cup tits on my cock and started stroking me. I didn't last long. When I came I shot cum all the way up to the pillows. We both laughed, cuddled and fell asleep.



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