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My story is not really one story but a compilation of life events. I have enjoyed solo masturbation since being 13. I was in a private military school at the time. Guys used to give that graphic motion of their hand, in a fist, stroking in the air. It finally hit me what this translated to, the act of jerking off, stroking my cock. The school had open stalls in the bathroom, not the urinals, but the toilets. No doors on the stalls, whose idea was this.

Oh, well, I remember sitting on the toilet, stroking my cock, not for the first time, but the first time I had put two and two together and understood what this might possibly lead to. My first load of cum was thick, kind of yellow, very thick and had an extremely musky smell. Its a smell that to this day I can remember. I suspect as time went on the smell of my cum changed due to the frequent release; but that first time it was a unique smell, almost a spoiled smell.

I have been a life long fan of masturbation. I have had an active sex life, since those teen years up till even now. In spite of the active male, female sex I have always enjoyed solo masturbation, usually on a daily basis. In the teen years I can clearly remember two or three or four times a day stroking, to the point that I had raw spots on my cock, usually right below the head, that fold of skin for us circumcised guys that lays beneath the head. As a teenager, I enjoyed hand jobs from numerous gils, they enjoyed equally the power of creating my hardness and the control of bringing me to orgasm. I'm sure for some it was a first, either making a guy cum or actually seeing a guys cock shoot that thick white load.

One girl friend in particular, Mary Ellen, she never could get enough of seeing my cock squirt a load, the heat, the smell, the raw energy of her effort and my response was all she needed. There never was any intercourse but she was as wet as a fish in water after our solo masturbation sessions. In later years I progressed to the humping or rubbing phase, grinding on my girlfriend, we were both naked, but there was no penetrative sex, I ground my hard cock on her pussy mound, it was mutually satisfiying; I shot my load on her tummy and she orgasmed from my grinding on her mound and clit.

My first penetrative sex was almost a let down, it happened so quick, there was no holding back, I came and I'm sure she enjoyed the thick filling feeling, maybe it was long enough to actually pleasure her clit briefly, but in the end I knew she was short changed, me, it was a warm, hot pussy that enveloped my load of cum. During the remaining 30 + years I have cummed with multiple women some one at a time some times with multiple women at once. I have stroked with guys, with couples, with married and single women. I am a nudist, so many times it has been the result of a stimulating day of innocent naked activity. I've never done this in public, not looking to offend anyone, but I have always had willing participants, male or female. My wife and I enjoy the pleasures of self satisfaction and mutual masturbation almost on a daily basis.

Sure sex has its place, but masturbation is just plain fun, the methods, the technique, the place we cum, in her face, against me, me on her breasts, her ass, her cunt, whether we smear it on her body afterwards or if we let it dry to a nice crusty reminder in the morning, or my hand smearing my load over her body, licking a portion into my mouth, her wiping her fingers through my load and savoring the salty bitter taste, its all good. There really is no other thing or act or action that you can do, in which you control what is going to happen or the way it going to happen and still get to enjoy the pleasurable result.

Our bodies alow us to enjoy a little bit of self love as often as we wish, its up to us to make the most of it each and every time.

Happy masturbation to all, and to all a happy healthy cum filled New Year.



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