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Deja Vu

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What goes around comes around


About 30 years ago I was a young officer in the army. I was helping a friend move-also a young officer-and just generally enjoying the company. When things were in place we went out for dinner and went back to my place since the water etc... had not been turned on in his new place yet. We had a couple of beers, watched TV and decided to call it a night. In moving, maybe getting out of my clothes, I moaned and when he asked me why I said I was not used to that kind of activity and would probably be sore in the morning. He told me that his mother had picked cotton to help raise him and his siblings and had taught them all to give massages and would I like him to get the knots out. I'm not gay and those were less gay focused times so I said sure, stripped down to my skivvies and stretched out on the bed. He was great!!! I could feel the knots melting away and relaxed in a way that had never happened before and seldom since. In the dark room with hands all over me I started to get hard but I was on my stomach in a very dark room so didn't think much about it- until he said 'OK time to turn over- you have muscles there too'. I was still well stuffed into my undies so rolled over and he did great things on my front side muscles too with his elbow occasionally hitting my dick straining in my underwear. He told me to roll over again and worked on the back for a bit then asked if he could take off my underwear to get the elastic area and I agreed- having been hard so long I didn't care. I raised up and he slipped them off and hit the elastic area and more of my back etc... Then came the moment of truth,' Roll over again.' He'd already touched most of my body so I decided why not. He worked more chest and leg muscles staying away from my by then throbbing dick except for the occasional brush as he moved from upper torso to legs. I was in agony and would occasionally try to get my dick into my hand but he would always relocate my hand and continue the massage. I finally told him I had to cum or explode and he slowly cupped my balls and started slowly stroking me and when I reached for his dick- he was in his undies too- he said not to worry, this was for me. a minute or two later I could feel the pressure building and came like an express train shot after shot oblivious to all around me except shooting. He lay down next to me and said, 'thanks for helping me move' I couldn't even speak but hugged him and gave him a kiss goodnight. When I woke up in the morning there was a note saying he'd gone to the new place and to catch him there. I went over and we didn't mention it at all. A few nights later I was able to return the favor not anywhere near as goo I think though!!!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Jump ahead 30 years-

I'm retired from the military but still in a military community- basically doing the same job I did then for four times the money (one of those odd military situations)and a young officer comes into my office and asks if I know where the housing office is. For anyone whose been in the military they know that the housing office, which helps people find places to live, is pretty useless. I asked him what he was looking for and is so happened that there was exactly what he was looking for about 3 streets away from me. I took him there- got him to meet the landlord and in a short time I knew I would have a new neighbor. Again I was helping someone move in and at the end of things he said he would be sore in the morning. With out really thinking I offered him a massage and he said OK. So there 30 years later I was in a reverse roll. I started giving him a massage trying to avoid any 'strange' situation but he rolled over and I could see a pretty large bulge in his boxers. This brought everything flooding back and I followed it from there. I asked if I could shed some clothes and he said sure and as I took things off he took off his underwear and let everything go free. I worked on his front muscles and then went to his dick and he started stroking mine too. He was on his back and I was next to him as we stroked. After some good heavy breathing and stopping and started I said I was going to cum so not to stop again and he said he was there too and we both shot great gobs of cum his own onto his stomach and mine onto his stomach too. We lay there with each others dick in each others hands for a while until the cum started to get cold. He reached under his bed and grabbed some tissue but the cum was sticky and dry in some places so we decided a shower was in order. We hit the shower and I took the soap and explored his body and we both got off again. That was about three weeks ago. We haven't had a chance to talk about that but he still drops by my office and thanks me for helping him find such a great place to live so I know he's not horrified at what happened. This is not something I was expecting after 30 years of marriage and 5 kids but it has certainly brought new vitality into my sex life. I guess I'm still a 60's\70's child- 'If it feels good do it' and I hope the opportunity presents itself soon



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