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Orval And The Dare

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My bate buddy Level surprised me with an unusual dare...

When I was13 or so I had a jerk off buddy named Orval. Orval  was as country as it gets ,-- from his discount ducks ass haircut to his size 12 clodhopper boots. (I was kinda country myself, lived and worked on a farm, but I read books, whereas Orvall mostly read those little comics that came on bubble gum wrappers.)


One thing that he had going for him was a long, floppy pink and white cock, and a meaty dangly ball sac to match. Way more equipment than my early teenage bits.



He and I used to meet up at a local haunted house to beat off together in the hot afternoons. (It's OK to visit a haunted house in daytime, usually. Where we lived was rife with haunted places, due to hundreds of thousands of men having been killed in a big war).



So we would get together and mutually masturbate after school or on weekends. I was just getting into the bisexual thing -- didn't even know the term -- and I loved to watch Orvall work his long, flexy dick and shoot a big load. His tool never seemed to get completely hard, but it was fun watching him wrestling with it like a pink fire hose...



One day we were idly fondling our meat when he mumbled, "Do yuh dare me?"



Huh? I had made no remark, let alone proposing a dare.



"Do yuh dare me to tie up man nuts with a boot lace."



Well, why not?  Quickly agreed.Orval had nice big pendelous 'nuts', and I looked forward to seeing his scrotum bound up and bulging.



He whipped out his long boot lace with one swift motion, fashioned a loop, and trapped his balls quickly. He took a couple more tight turns around his sac, pulling the lace pretty darn tight, so that his jewels stood out, proud and bulging, like  a fleshy hairless knob.



I was transfixed. I stared, pants around my ankles, jacking my own cock, as he stroked his long, uncut cock and slapped his trapped balls with his other hand.



After several minutes of this action, he grunted, "Watch this!" Then he did the most amazing thing: he took the loose end of the cord and tied it around the vertical doorpost of the old house. Tight. He leaned back on his heels to take up the slack in the lace.



I could scarcely believe my eyes! My buddy was hanging by his testicles from the doorpost of a rundown Confederate mansion! It was the hottest thing my young eyes had ever beheld! I backed away a few feet to get a better side view. His tied balls looked like a separate thing, floating in the air, joggling about with the strokes of his long pink penis.



Soon enough Orval proclaimed that he was going to cum, and blasted several spurts of thick, creamy cum all the porch area, keeping the tight tension on his trapped balls all the while. I came in sync, still not even sure what I had witnessed...



He unwrapped the lace and gave his reddened scrotum a few soothing rubs as if to say "Well done." Then we cleaned up I went our separate ways.



In later life I became quite the practitioner of genital tying, both doing and being done to. But I will never forget my hillbilly buddy and his tight tied testicles. Good times!







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