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Workout After Skiing - The Next Day

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A new friend and I have one last night to hang out before our ski vacations are over and we may never see each other again


This is the second story about my experiences with a new friend, Kyle, that I met skiing in Breckenridge when I was 20. The first story will give you the background, so I'll pretty much get right to the story. I am an avid swimmer and keep my slender 6'3" body in in reasonable shape. I am bi and prior to this night I had been with a variety of women from time to time, but never done anything other than mutual JO with other guys.

It was a skiing trip in Breckenridge with my brothers, cousins and their friends for about a week that was the setting for this encounter. I had met this athletic god of a guy, about my age and so very hot. We met in the resort gym and had hung out several evenings, ending in a mutual JO session in the locker room shower the night before. He was a super hot dude, slender and trim, with not an ounce of fat on his smooth shaved six foot frame. He had admitted that he was bi, well maybe "probably gay" as he put it.

After the JO session in the shower the night before, I was anxious to catch up with Kyle the following day. We started texting each other in the morning, planning when we might meet up to shred a few runs down the mountain before a hopeful meeting that evening. It was the last evening before I was returning home, and I had to make up an excuse that I was not feeling well as everyone was headed down to the village for a final night on the town. After dinner in the condo together the group was planning to head down the mountain about 9:30 or 10. Before they left, I told the group I was going to hang out in the hot tub for a while and at about 9 pm I sent a text to Kyle telling him I was headed to the gym.

Kyle was there in about 10 minutes in his typical sleeveless T and back to his short short running shorts. The bulge in his shorts seemed larger today, perhaps he was already getting ready for activities that would hopefully follow. We decided to hang out in the free weights area and work out. I was secretly hoping that we could end up in my condo after 10 pm as everyone would be gone by then. We both wanted to hook up again after the hot encounter the night before, and I had clued him into my plan. We worked out for about 40 minutes or so, and decided to head to the steam room to relax. By now it was about 10 pm and the gym area was empty. A few people were hanging out in the hot tub outside. The steam room was empty.

We both removed our shirts and shoes and entered the steam room in our shorts with towels. I cranked the temperature and steam was filling the room. We sat on the tiled bench off to the side of the door, and as the room filled with steam, it was almost impossible to see across the room. Kyle moved closer to me, in fact his left leg was touching my right leg, and I felt his hand gently glance over my now hardening cock contained by my shorts. I knew that we both wanted to remove our constricting shorts, but it was a public steam room and anyone could walk in without notice.

I lifted my body off the seat some and slid my shorts halfway down my butt and lowered the front waist band of my shorts down to align with the base of my penis. My cock was slammed up against my pelvis and stomach, my cock head about reaching my belly button. Kyle did the same, and we both reached across to massage the other person's cock head and exposed shaft. it was hot in the room and we were both sweating. Kyle twisted his body more to the left toward me and began rubbing my cock with his right hand and massaging my back and top of my ass with his left. He gently kissed my shoulder. I looked at my watch and it was now 15 minutes after 10.

We agreed I would check out my condo and make sure everyone was gone, them we could hang out there without the fear of public exposure. We exited the steam room and dressed quickly. We were both hot and sweaty. We walked to the end of the hall and took the stairs up one level to my condo floor. Kyle stayed in the stairwell as I made sure the condo was empty. It was thankfully and Kyle joined me.

Once in the condo I said first thing I wanted to do was shower. I felt kinda gross from working out and from the steam room. Kyle agreed and we went to the bathroom off of the room I was sharing with my brothers to shower together. Our shorts and t shirts lay puddled on the floor as we entered the not huge shower. It was about 4 foot x 4 foot in size, thankfully we were both skinny. I had just jacked off with guys before, but it was clear Kyle was more experienced. He pulled me closer to him as our cocks rubbed together. TBH, It was awkward for me at first, but Kyle was gentle and so hot, he made me feel comfortable with the situation, and I started to reach around him and rub his back and rock hard ass. (How the hell did he get is glutes to be so muscular, I had a nice ass with dimples and some muscle, but mine were like jello compared to his two rock hard glute mounds)

Kyle was gently kissing my neck, and then shifted his head to kiss my cheeks and lips. I had never kissed a guy, so I wasn't the aggressor in all this, but it all felt pretty good so I did slowly let Kyle take control. We were now locked in a solid embrace, our cocks fully erect and rubbing together, and I felt him reach around my ass and gently probe my ass hole with his fingers. I did the same to him. While I had investigated my hole occasionally with my fingers over the years, the sensation of him probing my hole, as well as me feeling his ass hole twitching, tightening and then loosening as I probed it gently with my fingers was a totally new and exhilarating feeling.

With the water cascading down onto us I reached down between us to run my fingers over his hard 6 pack stomach, eventually wrapping my fingers around his rock hard penis. I couldn't believe what was happening - Kyle was the hottest most sexually charged human being I had ever been with (M or W), and I was just letting the feelings run over me.

I said I wanted to jack off with him in the bed, and as we had to be somewhat careful of the time, we agreed to end the shower. We separated, soaped up our bodies quickly, rinsed and exited the shower. We had to share a towel, so I let him dry off first as I just stood next to him and watched him dry off that gorgeous body in the mirror. His cock protruded proudly from that hard flat muscular pelvis. His penis slightly angled upward - so clean and smooth with a somewhat relaxed ball sac hanging between those muscular legs. It was the most gorgeous body I had ever seen in person.

With both of us nude, I laid on top of the bed spread on one of the queen beds with my head propped up with a few pillows and began to stoke my cock. I had turned all of the lights off except one lamp on the bedside table. There was a soft glow of light over our fit smooth bodies as he laid next to me, very close. Both of us stroking our rock hard members.

It was not long however, that without invitation or warning, he turned his body toward me and in one graceful motion he mounted me so our cocks were together and he was sitting on my upper legs. He leaned forward and was massaging my cock with one hand and chest and abs with the other. I placed my hands on his outer thighs as my thumbs massaged his pelvis region near his cock. He leaned further over me and began kissing my chest and abs, slowly making his way to my cock as he lifted from a sitting position to straddle me on his knees, his hairless ass in the air. I could see between our bodies - his gorgeous cock sticking straight out parallel with his abs, and his soft ball sac dangling freely.

I remember lifting my hips to bring my cock to meet his mouth. he wanted it - I could tell. It was a blow job like I had never had before - he had definitely done this before. I wanted it to go on and on, but I couldn't last and within about 5 minutes I was writhing in pleasure and told him I was going to cum. I was expecting him to back away, but he didn't, he just tightened his grip and stroked my cock harder as my throbbing penis spewed load after load of cum into his mouth; his lips placed just so to softly engulf my cock head. With my reflexes I wanted to lift my hips, but he had his left hand firmly resting on my pelvis resisting it. His right hand was wrapped around my cock as he took all of my cum, and then moved off my head to lick my cock from top to bottom as the last of my cum dripped down the shaft. I was fully spent.

I was exhausted, as I ran my fingers gently through his wavy brown hair, still not quite believing the experience. He dis-mounted me and laid next to me rubbing his own cock. I thought about if I should or could do to him what he had done for me. I loved his cock but just was not up for blowing him. I apologized, figuring that was likely what he expected. He said it was OK, that he was OK either way but he wanted to cum. Of course he did....and I asked him how I could help. He wanted me to rub his chest, abs and pelvis as he stroked.

I turned over on my side to face this long slender nude man and began to rub his smooth muscular body. As i got down to rub his strong pelvis I would gently glance his cock shaft. He was stroking at a pretty slow pace mostly, with occasional bursts of more speed. It could not have been more than 7 minutes however that he lifted his hips and let out a subtle moan as ropes of hot white cum erupted from his swollen cock head. I felt some of his cum land on my left hip, and as he settled down to lie flat on the bed i further twisted my body to lean on his, wrapping my left leg in between his 2 legs. My cock, now fully soft gently nestled into his thigh. We laid there somewhat intertwined for a few minutes. I told him it was the hottest sexual experience I had ever had - M or W. He chuckled, but he knew he was hot and it seemed no shock to him that he had blown my mind.

We got up and went into the bathroom. He grabbed a hand towel to wipe the cum off his abs and chest, and reached down to grab his clothes that were still on the floor. I stopped him from getting dressed as I reached out to fondle his now soft cock and smooth sac. I remember he just smiled, looking at himself in the mirror. He lacked no confidence, he was an adonis and he knew it, and he had his way with me that night........

He dressed as I watched and we walked to the condo door to say good bye. We had a quick man-hug, and he was gone.

I doubted I would ever see him again - it was a chance of circumstances that had brought us together, but I would never forget the hot boy in the resort gym. We still keep in touch via text and email occasionally. What a fateful week of experimentation for me.



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