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Cousin Eric

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This happened the summer of 2005 when I was 19 and still living with my mom. She and I lived in an apartment back then.


Relatives are full of surprises. My mom has a brother on the west coast whom I've never met. In 2005 his son Eric came east to take a summer job, driving truck for a courier company. Eric was in his mid-twenties. His truck route took him through our town on one of his trips. He needed a place to crash on Saturday night so my mom offered to put him up when he came through town. Our apartment has only two bedrooms (my mom's and mine) so it was either the sofa or share my room.

I had my own bed but didn't look forward to sharing it with my new-found cousin Eric. Mom agreed to borrow our neighbor's rollaway cot for Eric. So I set it up in my room.

Eric arrived early in the evening. We got acquainted over dinner and talked about the usual stuff: school, sports, women. I had a girlfriend. Nothing too serious but we were great friends at least. Eric said he had just broken up with his. He was in graduate school and took the trucking job to make some much needed money. Eric was an okay guy, kind of funny and very easy to talk to. He had my mother charmed, offering to do the dishes, complementing her on dinner, etc. Later we watched a movie and drank a few beers. I had worked all day and was quite tired. So was Eric so we both turned in before midnight. He had to be on the road early so he took his shower before hitting the sack.

Having my own room, I had slept nude since I was twelve or thirteen. And I almost always jerked off before going to sleep. And that was my routine whether or not my girlfriend and I had sex or whatever. I kept lube and tissue under my bed for easy access. I also had a couple of sex toys in the night table that I sometimes used.

But with my cousin sleeping in the same room, I decided to sleep in my briefs and T-shirt and postpone my usual jerk off session because I didn't know how long I would be alone before Eric finished showering. Like who wants to have to stop halfway through? I left the night light on and settled into bed while Eric was still in the bathroom.

I guess I had just fallen asleep. Lying on my back, I opened my eyes to a darkened room, aware of movement close to my bed. It was Eric. I froze. What was he doing? The night light had been turned off but in the gloom I could sort of make out his outline through my half opened eyes. He was kneeling or sitting beside my bed. I then became aware that his hand was under the sheet, right near my thigh. That's what likely woke me up. So what should I do, play asleep or tell him to f-off? I stayed quiet and pretended I was asleep, feigning sleeper's breathing.

As I settled back into apparent 'sleep', Eric's hand moved slowly along my thigh to my crotch, inch by inch. First I felt his palm and fingers gently gliding over my underwear and pressing my cock ever so slightly. I could just barely feel his hand. Then he moved lower to cup my balls through the fabric. All his hand movements were slow. Of course by this time my cock had become hard. I stirred a bit but remained on my back, pretending that I was asleep.

With my eyes closed, I felt Eric caressing my cock through my underwear. He never put his hands into my underwear but instead he massaged through my briefs. He found my cock head and began to gently squeeze and release, squeeze and release, with this fingers. By this time I was really horny, especially having missed out on my usual jerk off session. I didn't feel any guilt or hesitancy, having another guy massaging my cock and balls. The sensations were too nice to feel guilty. As he continued squeezing my cock head through my underwear, I positioned myself to get the full benefit of his nimble fingers and hand, spreading my legs slightly and turning a bit toward him.

All the while though, I pretended that I was asleep, breathing sleep sighs but making no effort to move away from Eric's handwork. Eric continued the rhythmic squeeze massage on my cock head and the sensations began a long, slow buildup. I became aware that he was also gently squeezing my balls with his other hand, alternating between my nuts and my cock. Jerking off with my usual fist method never took too long unless I wanted to stretch out a session but Eric's slow message resulted in a slow buildup of tingling pleasure.

The sensations continued to build for several minutes until high gear kicked in and an intensive crescendo of pleasure swept through my cock, balls and pelvic area. I tried to stay still and keep quiet but I couldn't hold back a muffled 'AAHHhhhhh' as a powerful orgasm hit like a ton of bricks and I went over the top. My cock went into convulsions as it pumped semen into my shorts. I held back any further vocals and lay back with a sigh, still feigning sleep.

Eric continued massaging my spent cock and balls, slowing down and finally withdrawing his hands from under the sheet. When I opened my eyes a few moments later, he was no longer beside my bed. Squinting in the darkness, I realized he had returned to his cot. Not a word had been spoken and I assumed he thought I had slept though it all.

The front of my briefs was really soaked with cum. I've never ejaculated so much cum. I waited for Eric to fall asleep so I could go to the bathroom to cleanup. But Eric was just getting started. For a few minutes I listened to him squirming around in his bed, obviously jerking himself off. I was so relaxed I fell into a deep relaxed sleep. This time I fell asleep for real.

I slept in Sunday morning until after 10 o'clock. Eric had already left the apartment. My mind was swimming with thoughts of what had taken place the night before, trying to decide if I felt guilty or discussed. I felt neither. It was by far the most intensive masturbatory orgasm I ever had and I savored the experience, even if it was a guy who did it for me. But I decided not to ever tell anyone about it, least of all my girlfriend.

My underwear was virtually glued to me from the dried cum. During my sleep it had spread through the front panel of my briefs, right up to the waistband and down into my crotch. All my pubic hair was matted together and the fabric was stuck to my belly, cock and balls. I got up, very gently pried my briefs from my skin and pubic hair and then took a long, warm shower. And I felt really good. I haven't seen Eric since that night five years ago. I wonder if he knew that I was awake.



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