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Showers Are the Best

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i love the site


Let me just say I have been lucky enough to have more than enough male/male experiences. But Matt is my favorite guy to do this with because that he loves my cock more than the other boys. He would rather jack my cock 20 times than have me jack him 1 time. So I get a lot of attention from him.

I am 16 about 5'6 brown hair and brown eyes and weigh about 115 lbs (im not a big kid) Matt on the other hand is 15, about 5'8 blonde hair, blue eyes, and is pretty heavy.

Me and Matt have been jack off buds since we were 14. Lately we have been thinking about more serious backgrounds to masturbate at. I suggested the shower and he did get a little unsure about it becuase it would be weird. I said that we could turn the light off and it would be like a girl was doing it to us. And he agreed. But everytime we wanted to do this there was always someone at one of our houses and we really don't want to get caught or else it would just kill us. But after I took him to the pool I came over to his house to 'play videogames' and now since it's summer his mom is at work and his older (ugly) sister is driving around all the time. So Matt and I both knew what we were gonna do there. So we walk into the house and right as he closes the front door he's all over me. He yanked my swimsuit off then my shirt. He started kissing my chest and started kissing my dick. Then we went upstairs into the bathroom. It's ok with me that other guys kiss each other on the lips but I personally think that is disgusting at least on Matt. So he rips off his shorts and his shirt and we both start squeezing each other's dick really hard and kinky like. But both of us were really small because of the freezing cold pool water and he says that 'Man your dick is a lot smaller than what it really is.'

My cock is about 6 1/2 inches long but looks a lot longer. It isn't very thick at all which I regret but I love the length of it so I can't really complain. Matt's dick is about 4 inches but really I mean really thick. I mean a banana looks like a pencil compared to his dick.

Anyway he turns on the shower and I just stand there. Then he comes to me and grabs my cock and at the same time he turns off the light. He takes my cock and tugs it to the shower it kind of hurt but I was too into the excitement to care. So there we are in the shower and the hot steaming water is going all over our bodies. Matt goes for the lotion and he squirts like the whole bottle over my body and my dick. He tells me to lie down. I do and right when my butt touches the cold bathtub floor he starts washing my entire body. He likes to tease me before he does anything. The lotion was actually green apple flavored so he licked from the top of my chest to ALL the way down to my thigh. I was in heaven. Then he starts jackin me and we have only jacked off before in my or his basement so we couldn't be loud but when I'm alone at home I moan like no other. So I start naming off girls that I was imagining jacking me off but of course I was thinking I was having sex with these girls. We started to get a little scared because we couldn't hear if anyone could get in the house so he turns off the shower and we don't dry off at all. He tugs my dick again but this time into his room. He throws me down on his bed. Then picks me up and puts me gently down on his floor. He gets his lotion that he used in the shower and puts it all over my dick. He started jacking me off like there was no tomorrow. He's pumping, I'm screaming my balls off because the hottest thing I have ever done in my life is this. And I'm moaning and moaning and yelling out girls in my class that are really sexy. I start to feel that great building up in the lower part of my shaft then I say go faster go faster. He starts pumping like a blur im screaming and moaning screaming and moaning. Then I feel it coming I Yell out 'Oh F%$#!!! I'm gonna CUM!!!!!' And my balls shoot up into my shaft and I scream and then I explode 5 ropes of cum. The first one shot to my belly button, second one and third one went over my head fourth one got my chest and the fifth shot my belly botton again. He said that he'd rather have me go because he jacked off before we went to the pool. So I thought its my lucky day I just had the best jackoff session in my entire life and I don't even have to repay him. I just laid there butt naked looking at the ceiling. He gives me a towel and throws it on top of me. My dick is still standing straight up but my balls are drooping because of the huge load I just blew. So I get my keys and before I walk out the door I tell him 'Jack you Later'

I hope you liked my story because I sure did like the experience. Happy Wanking



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