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Boys Will be Boys

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This happened a few years ago when I was sixteen, and is somthing I hope to experience again, and that I hope all boys can experience.
Cory and I were best friends. We had been since he moved here. We were excited about a movie we had been waiting for that we were going to see at the first showing the next morning.
To simplify things I envited him to sleep over at my house that night, so that we could just go from there to the theator. Little did I expect what was going to happen...
After watching movies, and eating dinner, we were ready for bed. My cousins were in town, so he couldnt sleep in the guest room, so I spread out a mat in my room. He was watching a movie on my tv, and I was horny.
'Are you awake?' I asked him.
This was my moment. I switched off the tv, and reached under my bed for a bottle of lotion. I started slow, just up and down...slow...pleasure...But I want somthing new. I had read that it feels good to simple rub the glans, so I did so. It was extreem at first, causing my hips to thrash with my movements-was that a noise-, but soon it sank into intense pleasure.
'Oh crap!' I covered up, and glared at him.
'Um...please dont stop! Well, I mean, I liked watching.' He blushed, and my jaw dropped. Cory, the popular boy, the one with girlfriends galore, was wanting to watch me wank.
'you'r kidding me,' I said, not much believing.
'Well, I never would have thought I would have before, but I cant help it. I just looked up and saw you and wanted to be up there with you.' He blushed furiously.
I sat there, my jaw open, staring. It was then that I noticed a change in his attitude. His blush faded away, he got a sexy determined look, and slowly began to draw down my sheed. I submitted.
He crawled up over me, his lighter weight pressing on me...So warm. As I looked into his eyes, we began to kiss. He stripped off his boxers(all he wore to sleep), and we were both nekid. We continued to kiss, and then he started going down.
Licking, kissing, he decended. My nipples- OH GOD! My navel- Ahh! And then it began. He had reached my throbbing, pre-cum covered dick. I stood at the chasm of cliff of virginity, and dived forward. My cock head broke through his lips, and met the warm, soft, intense pleasures of his mouth and tounge. He slowly took more in, sucking, and moving his tounge. So close! I was about to cum when he pulled back.
'Now its my turn!' He said as he grabed my lotion bottle, and rubbed it on my bum and his dick. ' This is going to hurt at first, but soon you wont care about the pain- You will beg for it!'
'ARGH!' He thrust his head into my bum, and slowly slid more in. In and out it went on for a few minutes before I noticed my moaning. Whats going on! Why am I thrusting back against him?!? My body reacted without thought. I impaled my self on him, harder and harder. I saw cum being forced from my dick. Thats what that feeling was!
I then saw it, he was trembling! He was about to cum! Harder, and more violent he thrust, forcing more cum from my cock, and I moaned as well. I felt my bum getting fuller, a warmth spreading! He was cumming. I succumbed, and my cum flew. In unified orgasm we moaned loudly. and then, he pulled out. We fell asleep, stuck together with my cum, and kissing passionately... ~END~



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