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Discovery in the Locker Room

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Hope this isn't too long


I was on the middle school swimteam and I have to admit I was pretty good. Every year the best six eighth graders are invited to go on the high school swim trip to compete for the league title. A week before the big meet I got an invitation in the mail from my coach. It said that I was invited along with Jimmy, Lowell, Nat, Harris, and Zack. This year the meet was almost two hours away from home so we would be staying in hotels for the weekend of the meet. This was very exciting for me. Not only was it a chance to experience my first high school meet, but it was also a chance to spend some time alone with my buddies from the team. The invitation ended by saying to meet the coach in his office Monday after school for a group meeting.

When I arrived at the coaches office Nat, Lowell, Jimmy, Zack, and Harris were already there waiting for me and Coach looked a little ticked off. He started by saying we should all feel very lucky to have been chosen for this trip blah blah blah. Then he pulled out a box from under his desk. When he opened it up he pulled out six shiny swimsuits and started tossing them out to us. On the high school team swimsuits are not required so everybody wears loose fitting trunks but now since we were part of the varsity team we would have to practice and compete in proper swimsuits. This was great! Since nude showers weren't required at my school either everyone just showered in their trunks and I never got a chance to see anyones penis. Lowell had the most terified look on his face... I wonder why.

We all walked back into the locker room and self consciously prepared for practice. We all slipped on our swimsuits and wrapped a towel around our waists as quickly as possible. Even though I wanted to see my friends bulges I couldn't be too obvious. When we got down to the pool the varsity team was already doing laps and coach told us to jump in. We all removed our towels at the same time and prepared to jump in. All six of us had hairless smooth bodies and I got a chance to get a quick glimpse of the five bulges to my left. When my eyes got to Lowells swimsuit I couldn't believe my eyes. He completely filled his and was almost bulging out of it. No wonder he was so nervous.

One week later we boarded the buses to go to the meet. All six of the eighth graders made a pact to stick together because we were a little afraid of the big older kids. The first day was a little boring because the 14-year-old events weren't until the very last two hours of the second day so we just had to stand around and watch. The night in the hotel was uneventful.

The next day coach told us that we did not have to warm up until noon because our muscles would just get cold again before our events if we warmed up in the morning. We still had to wear our swimsuits to the pool and we were FREEZING on the pool deck. We noticed it was warmer inside the locker room so Jimmy suggested that we go in there to stay warm. The locker room was completely empty and we found a group of benches near the locker room where we could just chill out. We started to talk about how we all slept last night and then Harris said everything was great except for the fact that he didn't get to jack off like he does every night at home. We all agreed in unison and then Nat said, 'Why don't we all just do it now?' The room went silent and no one answered. Then Nat said again, 'Fine, I'll do it on my own.' and with that Nat pulled down his black swimsuit and started playing with his dick to get it hard.

Now this I couldn't help staring at. Within a few seconds his dick was at a full four and a half inches, not very thick, with medium sized balls, and a very sparse patch of pubic hair. He just kept on pumping as if no one was there. I looked around the room to see everyone elses reaction. Zack was just standing there with his mouth wide open in disbelief. I then looked down at his crotch to see that he had a bigger bulge than usual. He then caught out of the corner of his eye that I was staring at him and he gave me a bashful smile. I said to him in a moment of desperation, 'I'll do it if you do.' He nodded and before anyone could count to three we pulled our swimsuits down. We were both already hard. His dick looked exactly like Nat's except for the fact that he was uncut... the first one I had ever seen. Me on the other hand, I was a good inch bigger than Nat and Zack and quite a bit thicker with fuller pubes and bigger balls but still tight to my skin.

While I was looking at Nat pump away all of a sudden I felt something cold on my balls and looked over to my right to see that Jimmy had grabbed them while he rubbed his dick through his speedos. This was too incredible. I took my hand off my dick to give him full access and he fisted my five and a half incher. I then whispered to him to let me do his. Before I could finish my thought he had his suit off and showed me his miniature four inch penis. I think I counted all of 20 blonde pubes surrounding the base of his boyhood and his balls hung tight to his body. I had to jack him with only three fingers as my fist would be too big for his prepubescent dick. As this was all happening Nat let out a screech as cum squirted out of his dick onto the lap of Harris. Harris jokingly yelled out 'gross! guess I will have to go rinse these off... after I do the same to you.' with that Harris tore off his swimsuit to reveal a beautiful cock. Not too big... only about five inches, but with the most beautiful smooth balls you have ever seen. They were big and hung loose against his hairless grundle. As he pumped his balls bounced up and down in synchronization.

The only one left to reveal his dick was Lowell sitting awkwardly in the corner covering up his crotch with a towel trying not to look at us. Nat then blurted out 'Lowell, don't you want to jack?' He replied, 'Yeah, of course I do. But you guys are going to laugh.'

'Why would we laugh?', said Jimmy, 'We're just having fun releaving ourselves.'

With that Lowell reluctantly removed the towel and his swimsuit at the same time to reveal a thing of beauty. His tool was at least nine inches long and stood up at a perfect right angle. It was not too thick and not too thin. His bush was neatly manicured and his balls were naturally smooth as he was still just on the brink of puberty. We were all astonished and could not believe our eyes. Quietly Lowell said, 'Well I guess I could use some help to catch up.' I rushed over to be the first one on line and started pumping his boyhood with two hands. His eyes rolled back in ecstasy and within a couple of minutes his knees buckled and he squirted five or six shots of hot creamy cum at least five feet in the air landing right on my stomach. While Lowell was cooling off and Nat was cleaning up the remaining four who had not cum yet stood up and moved in close and started a circle jerk, jerking the boy to our right. As I was pumping Harris' five incher I watched straight across from me as Jimmy had a dry orgasm. Watching the eyes roll back in his head made Zack go wild and he spasmed hitting Harris in the leg. Harris and I were the last to cum and we moved in close and caressed each other all over our smooth 14-year-old bodies and continuted to jerk each other. Almost instanteously Harris let out a loud grunt and we came in each others hands. While we were recovering from our climaxes Nat noticed it was almost two and it was time for us to warm up... I hope the coach doesn't notice our cum stains.



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