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Salt and Pepper is Good

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This story is true. It took place not long ago. My friend and I share each other to the benefit of both.


I'm in my 50's. My friend is 25 and black. He is on the short side and has a slender, smooth build. Our background is that we met several years ago. Our sexual relation started when I, joking, asked him one time to show me his dick. To my surprise he did. We have shared massages and masturbation ever since.

This particular time he came by the house. After letting him in he said his thighs and calves were tight and needed a massage. That was his signal! I said ok. We went to a bedroom in the house. I knelt down behind him and ran my hands up his legs, pushing up the leg of his baggy shorts. My hands went up his very smooth leg, one on the outside and one between his legs, until I felt his soft, hanging nut sack. He stood very still and his dick pushing against his pants told me he liked what I was doing.

We quickly recovered and got out of our clothes. I had him lay face down on the bed. Standing over and looking at my friends dark, clean body was like looking at perfect candy. His smooth body was laying with his head to my left and the most perfect, tight butt was begging to be touched. I positioned my body over his and started a slow, sensual massage of his shoulders and arms. My dick got hard as a rock as it rubbed up and down his crack while my hands worked on his upper body. Soon I was off to the side as my hands made their way to those soft globes. He reached his hand to molest my dick and balls.

I moved on down to his legs. Not wasting time, I moved my hands up one leg, feeling his ball sack again. Then I slowly went up the next leg. He was getting hard so he lifted his ass a little. Reaching up between his legs I came into contact with his very hard dick. I smoothly milked it a few strokes. It was time for him to turn over.

Once he was on his back I started around the top again. My body was near his head which he turned toward me. His lips found my dick, taking it into his mouth. We are almost in a 69 as my hands slid up and down his smooth chest, stomach and to his pubs. I also kissed his beautiful 6.5 inch hard cock. Moving around to his side, my hands started the journey up his legs. Once again they found his beautiful cock. It was full, hard and throbbing as I began to move my left hand softly up and down. My right hand cupped and massaged his balls. A good amount of precum was coming out of the head as I took him in my mouth again. Coming back off, I put a little precum on my right finger. As my left hand continued the up and down on his dick my right hand went over his nuts and between his legs. It was tight but easy. I pushed my middle finger into his ass. My friends dick unloaded, a good five or six shots of cum landing on his chest and my hand.

We weren't finished yet. I had him turn over on his stomach again. I climbed on him placing my dick between his ass cheeks. Laying down and hugging him tight I humped, rubbing up and down his smooth buns until I too, unloading cum up his back.

Once finished, we cleaned up and went our separate ways. He and I have one of the best relationships you could ask for. We are friends. People around us know we are friends. Yet, no one knows what we do and how much we enjoy doing it.



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