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Bi Curious Me

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Late to be experimenting? Maybe. But denying it won't help anyone, right?


I don't remember having any attraction to other girls at school. There were the usual exhibitionists in the locker room; girls who just loved standing around naked or showing off their latest piercings or tattoos. Even at 15 I knew at least three girls who had 'intimate' piercings. I remember looking, but I wasn't aroused by them.

Still and all, I always felt there was something missing from my sex life. Oh it was pretty adventurous. I love outdoor sex, or being watched or getting up to some kinky stuff. But still... there was something not quite right.. something missing.

So, when I bumped into an old friend from school, Karen, and she invited me back to her house for a coffee, I wasn't expecting what happened next.

As we sat and talked, I was on the couch and she was kinda curled up near the fire on the floor. She was sitting in a way that meant I could see up her skirt to her panties and after only a few moments, I realised, I was getting wet, and most definately aroused. Now, I know Karen well. No WAY is she interested in girls... no not Karen. But there was no denying that I was now thinking about her in a very sexual way. We talked about our husbands and that inevitably led on to a girly talk about sex. Karen apparently, loves any kind of sex play and will do it just about anywhere. Outside, in public.. she and her husband have even visited swingers beaches abroad although they don't swing.. (yet) they just like being watched having sex. Karen likes watersports, giving and receiving and loves anal sex above all else. In turn I told her that my biggest turn on was masturbating in the car. I love my vibrator and she goes everywhere with me in my bag.. well, a girl has gotta be prepared, right?

So I deliberately touched on the thought of sex with another girl Karen confirmed my suspicions with 'YUCK... if another girl tried to touch me, I'd rip her fucking tits off.' Ah well.. it was worth a try. Of course, I had to say I felt the same.

What I actually felt was horned up beyond words! So right there, I hit on an idea. Her hamper in the bathroom. I know my husband loves it when I get him another girl's underwear to smell or for me to wear while he fucks me calling me her name, but till now, I never thought about it for me.

I went upstairs and into her bathroom and sure enough there was her hamper and right in the top was a grey thong. I love grey underwear, there is something dirty about it.. lol. So I picked it up and looked at the little white cum stains in the crotch. I raised them to my face and took in a deep breath. DAMN!! I was so horny that in the next second my hand was in my own panties and I was smelling THE sweetest pussy and alternating it with licks and I sucked her juices right off her panties before cumming, rather satisfyingly into my own.

I made sure to put them back where I found them, then I rearranged myself, took a look in the mirror to make sure I didn't look TOO just fucked, and walked downstairs. I had heard someone arrive while I was in mid jill, but I was too involved with myself to care.

Sitting on the couch was a young girl about 16. 'This is my daughter, Megan' said Karen. Megan was beautiful with green eyes and jet black hair. Then the thought struck me. What if it wasnt Karen's thong I was smelling. OMG, what if I had just licked out her daughters thong!!

The perversity of THAT thought was enough to make me stop in a car park on the way home and jill off again.

I have to try this with a girl for real. I just HAVE to.



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