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Libraries and Shop Cameras

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I'm sure you've seen those videos of girls masturbating in libraries with other students around, or in a shop while others are shopping? In both cases, they have to keep it quiet, and I love the agonised expressions on their faces as they cum. I especially like it when they squirt. I think of the next person who happens along, and smells that familiar scent. Yummy!

Of course, I would love to do something like that, but I need to be extra cautious. Employers don't like that kind of thing, and if there was a vid of me jilling off, it would soon lead to a difficult conversation with the Chief Pilot, and a swift exit from a career I've worked fucking hard to get into.

But, What one can't do oneself, one can get others to do.....


My best friend (and yes, from time to time we do fool around together) Jess was up for it. I showed her two vids, one of a girl getting off in a library and one in a shop. Jess decided two things.

1) that she'd do it in a shop.
2) that she needed to shave first. (Apparently she alternates between being completely shaved like me, and fully haired up as she puts it. Her boyfriend likes both.

I asked when she wanted to go,for,it and she replied 'Fuck, girl....NOW!" This meant she needed to shave, but actually I got to,do it for her. As soon as I eased her panties down, I wanted to dive my face into that hot wet musky scent. I was on my way to doing it too, but Jess said I had to wait. I shaved her very slowly and made sure I missed nothing. All the time, she was oozing cunt cream and so, for that matter, was I, AND she fucking knew it!

So, now pantie-less and looking flushed (I think I got her closer to,cumming than she thought I would) we headed off to a large shopping precinct and the largest store in it. We wandered around together, with Jess taking every opportunity to flash me that she could (fucking teasing bitch) until we found a quiet area where we had a good,sighting of the surrounding area. Jess eased up her skirt, leaned back against the shelves she loves and started on herself.

I was aching to touch her, but I just stood there, creaming myself, and throbbing inside. Jess made a real show of it, bringing herself to the point of orgasm several times before finally letting go in a satisfying squirt on the carpet. Jess is a real squirted too. It looks like she pees when she squirts, but since I like both, it doesn't really matter to me. She has squirted AND peed on me many times before.

We asked from the store hand in hand. I could feel her sticky fingers wrapped round mine, and I could barely walk I was so turned on. All the way back to the car, she was talking about how great the orgasm was, how she loved the idea of being caught and how she especially loved the security camera. Wait. Camera? Oh fuck....I hadn't even thought about that! "That's why I didn't let you touch me....THAT'S why I told you to keep looking like you were shopping...you silly bitch."

Back in the car, I pulled her to me, but she pulled back. Saying a single "wait" she started the car and drove us out into the country. All the way she was talking about how she would tell her boyfriend about what we did, wondering whether he would fuck her or would want to fuck me (again) and by the time we walked to a secluded copse of trees, I was almost cumming in my knickers at the thought of her boyfriend up my arse, and Jess licking me out,

She kissed me.....once.....long and seductively before making me squat down in front of her. She squatted too and I felt her hand between my legs over my panties. "Go on.....do it....you know...." so I did. I taught Jess the delights on panty-wetting and she loves to feel me do it. I let go slowly, almost painfully slowly and when I had finished, Jess fingered me to orgasm twice, talking all the time about what she was going to,do to Mike later, and what Mike would like to do to me....(again)

Later that night, I got a knock on the door, and to my delight, both Jess and Mike got to,give me the good seeing to I've been needing for a while now.



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