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Dirty cleaner

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Masturbating in other people's houses!


When I was a student I got a summer job as a cleaner. I was single at the time and constantly horny. I took to masturbating in some of the houses I cleaned if I knew (or thought I knew) the owners weren't likely to come in.

The first time I did it was in the house that became my favourite. A woman of about 40 lived there with her boyfriend, who worked away a lot. I met her a few times, she was a glamorous lady with long dark hair and I guess I looked up to her a bit. She was almost always out when I came to clean and this one time, I had a bit of a hangover and that slightly naughty hangover mood overtook me. I didn't undress or anything, I just lay on her bed and slipped my hand up my sexy (not) overall and slipped it into my knickers. I was already wet and I came that first time in about a minute. Then I made her bed and went on with my work.

As time went on, I did it in a few of the houses, but hers was always my favourite. I was once putting things away and found a big black vibrator - I didn't use it or anything, but it did turn me on. That time was one of the most daring. I stripped stark naked and left my clothes in the bathroom, walked to her room, lay on her bed and touched my tits before progressing to masturbating. My tummy was turning over with excitement and I had deliberately left my clothes in another room to heighten the risk if she suddenly came home. I spent about a quarter of an hour teasing myself, then came with a great panting and a little moan.

Another time I saw a pic of her and her man and was imagining them having sex. I actually got into their bed and did it.

In one of the other houses I visited, I liked to masturbate on the sofa, which was long enough to lie on comfortably. I progressed from the quick fiddles of my early days to pulling my panties down or off, but I only got naked the once in that lady's house. This one time, on the sofa, I was lying there with my knickers pushed down around my ankles, my overall up to expose my pussy and I was touching my tits when I heard a key in the door! I frantically leapt to my feet, kicked off my panties and put them in my pocket. It was the owner's teenage son who came in. It would probably have been the most exciting thing he'd ever seen if I hadn't been quick in my reactions. I finished off the cleaning with no knickers on, then redressed in the bathroom.

One final recollection was of a time I was masturbating in a bedroom looking at a picture of a guy I'd recently snogged. While I was doing it, I caught sight of some sexy knickers left on the bedroom floor (a youngish couple lived there). For some reason I took my knickers off and put hers on. I didn't pull them right up. just up to my knees, and I imagined the couple fucking, him pulling her pants down and fingering her, while looking back and forth between my crush and her knickers around my knees.

This wasn't a story I planned to share on here but as my OH finds it surprisingly sexy, I thought I'd see what the readers of ST thought! (Sorry for my dubious morals, wanking on the job!)







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