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Basketball Trip 3-way

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This story comes from a trip I was on with a group of my friends (whose names have been changed) at the end of January. It led to one of my favorite moments and best orgasms ever. You'll probably have to come back to this story a few times because it will definitely give you more than a few orgasms.

We were in Wisconsin for a basketball tournament that our school participates in every year. It rotates between four schools and this year we were in Wisconsin.

Anyways, 3 of us came up with the idea of going back in October and I did some research and calls and got a room at a hotel about 15 minutes from the school hosting the tournament. I asked what kind of room we wanted because the hotel gave me three room types and price ranges: standard 2-bed room, 2-bed and living area suite, or 1 bed with hot tub and living area suite. The decision was unanimous: 1 bed and hot tub suite. So, I booked the room and got a $100 and some change per day discount for booking so far in advance. So, this room that normally costs $279/night was ours for $150/night.

Fast forward a few months...

We pay, get through the 6 hour trip there, and walk into our room. We were all tired and stressed from the trip there (including going through Chicago) and decided to take a nap. I crashed on the couch, my friend Pat took the bed, and Matt decided to take a shower and go explore the town and just go to bed early that night.

Fast forward about 2 hours...

The three of us are back together, rested and ready for the rest of our trip. I decided that we should take a trip and get some alcohol for the weekend and that night (since Wisconsin liquor stores can't sell past 9 PM). I was starting to really feel horny because it had been a few days since I had checked this site and rubbed one out, so I was hoping for the night to take an exciting turn. We all picked up some hard liquor and beer and grabbed dinner before heading back to the hotel. We each had a few beers with dinner and were definitely eager to get back to the hotel.

On the ride back, Pat said that he was thinking about going down to the pool and wondered if any of us wanted to join him. I wasn't particularly up for swimming, but I said I would go sit in the hot tub by the pool if he wanted to swim, just so there was someone else there in case anything bad happened. Matt said that he thought we should just stay in the room and use the hot tub that we paid extra for. I decided that it sounded like a good idea, but I was cut off before I could finish. 'You two could go down though, cause I forgot my suit and wouldn't be able to join you, and I don't think either of you want to see that.' 'I've been waiting to see you naked for months,' Pat joked. We all got a good laugh as we pulled into the parking lot of our hotel.

When we made it up to our room Pat and I changed to head down to the pool. Thinking Pat was only grabbing his suit and changing in the bathroom, I decided to look out the window while he did that and I would just stay in the room and change. I heard the door shut, so I assumed he had left. I pulled the curtain (who knows why...we were 4 floors up and it was starting to get dark) and turned around to see Pat with his shirt off and unbuttoning his pants. I think he noticed the shocked look on my face because he said 'I figured that we're both guys so there's no problem, right?' I said no and started to undress (all the while watching for the package I had been hoping to see for a while now). When he got his jeans and boxers off I saw the cock of the gods...thick, dark bush, about 4' limp, enormous mushroom head, and low-hanging balls. He pulled on his suit as I was taking off my pants. He said that he figured I was packing as he pointed at my package (with a cock that was already semi-erect and balls that if I wasn't careful I could sit on!). I told him that it was the school's best kept secret! Then he noticed that I was definitely having problems getting my speedo to cover things properly and said that he's had this effect on lots of guys. I laughed as I pulled on a pair of shorts over my speedo to head down to the pool and told him that it would go down on the elevator ride down to the pool. We grabbed towels from the bathroom and told Matt that we'd be up soon since the pool would probably be too boring with only the two of us down there (the receptionist told us we were one of 7 rooms in the hotel that were occupied and that the other 6 had people that were too old to use the pool, let alone do anything, past 8 PM).

The whole elevator ride down I tried to think of anything to get my erection to go down...I was going over times tables and spelling words to get my mind off his package, but I just couldn't. We got to the pool and saw that-just as we thought-we were the only two there. Pat quickly pulled off his shirt, kicked his sandals aside and jumped in. I sat down and waited, hoping my erection would finally go away. No such luck. Pat jumped out and the water was dripping off his hairy chest and he asked why I wasn't in. I started to answer and he chimed in: 'That's right...I got you so horny that you can't stop thinking about me.' I said 'You wish' and pulled off my shorts and shirt, went to the deep end, and dove in, all the while hoping that the cold water would calm me down. I swam over to Pat and tried to push him under water. It didn't work (he's a little bit stronger than me and fought me off pretty well) and he told me that if I wanted to jump on him we could have stayed in the room and had the pleasure of a bed. 'You wish I wanted to f*** you' was my response. I hopped out to dive again and Pat pointed out that I was still hard as a rock. I agreed and said that swimming wasn't much fun because I was too hard to enjoy it and I really needed to jerk off. He suggested that I do it in the changing room, but I said that I wouldn't take that risk because there's usually cameras to make sure that pedophiles don't try and get the little kids and the last thing we needed was getting kicked out for me jerking it in the changing room. So we dried off and went back up to the room. We had only been gone about 15 minutes and figured Matt would be pretty surprised.

Oh boy was he.

He was sitting on the couch in the living area not wearing a thing, beating off like there's no tomorrow. He tried to throw the pillow over himself, but Pat pulled it off and told him not to worry because he would leave the two of us alone since I had to pop one out too. He went and locked himself in the bedroom, leaving Matt and I, both rock hard, staring at each other, wondering what to do. I said that I'd go into the bathroom so he could finish in privacy, but he asked me to stay. I willingly did because I was waiting to beat off with this man. He's a bit chubbier than Pat and I and covered with black hair from head to toe. He has to shave twice a day or he borders on having a beard. He also had a cock about 9' long that curved slightly to the right and a head that stuck out so far....oh Lord I wanted to get my hands on that beast. So I sat down and pulled off my speedo and started going to town. Before I knew it I felt something pinching my right nipple. I looked over and Matt was feeling me up. I stopped beating off and started beating him off. About fifteen seconds later, he was convulsing, his balls pulled up almost into his body, and he shot his cum so high into the air and there was an enormous puddle on the carpet in front of him. He furiously beat me off and I had a mind-blowing orgasm that was almost as strong as his, but he still had me beat. He stretched, stood up, and winked at me. He grabbed my damp towel and cleaned up our cum from the floor. Then he started to fill the hot tub and told me to go get Pat.

So I knocked on the bedroom door and Pat told me he'd be there in a second. He came and opened the door a crack and I noticed that he had a pillow over his crotch. I shoved the door, he dropped the pillow and I came in. I saw that he was pointing at me what looked like an 8' long beer can. I closed the door and got him finished off. He shot his load all over the wall of the room and collapsed on the bed. Matt walked in and told me that the hot tub was almost full. So Pat said that he'd get into his suit and be right out. I told him that after what Matt and I and just done and what we just finished seconds ago, none of us needed suits. So all three naked men got into the hot tub and talked nervously for a while. Eventually we started talking normally and they started talking about how good I was at jerking off other guys. Pat told us that he wasn't too bad at this whole thing and we both slid closer to him as he brought us to our second orgasm of the day.

Feeling tired we decided that we should head to bed. So we dried off and I started to put my boxers back on and so did Pat. Matt suggested that since we were all so close we share the bed in the nude. Pat and I agreed and shucked our boxers and sauntered into the bedroom. We turned down the bed and I climbed into the middle. We started to do a little grab-ass in bed and I started to jerk them both off again. We stopped that and there were a few more things that happened before we fell asleep that night that would probably be edited out of this story.

We all woke up around noon or so and were all sporting morning wood. So we fired up the hot tub and relived parts of the previous night. We got dressed and went to the first games of the tournament and came back hours later (after watching more games than I cared to watch).

On the ride back Pat and I shared stories about the other college cocks we got to see in the bathroom (it's an older stadium with a wall of urinals that are close together...too close for privacy walls). A lot of college guys are still curious (even though we might not admit it) and went to a urinal next to another guy and did what they could to see the cock of the man next to them (which most times wasn't hard since we're all exhibitionists at heart). I got to see two guys jerking off at the urinals and Pat said that he jerked with another guy. Of course we were all so horny that we repeated the night before.

By the end of our trip (4 nights, 5 days) we had each probably shot more loads in that weekend than we had in any other weekend in our lives.

Now that we're back to school we've gotten together once (and this time Pat brought 2 of his football friends) and repeated the weekend. We're getting ready to have a circle jerk. Once that happens I'll post to let you know how that went.



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