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Naked With My Friend

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Last summer my aunt hired my friend and I to do some landscaping work at her house. They have a lot of land in kind of a desolate area, and since they were on vacation for a week we had the place to ourselves. On this day we were doing some brush work and the temperature was pretty brutal. We were right in the middle of it when the sky clouded over and the wind picked up. It wasn't supposed to rain until later that afternoon so we kept on working. It wasn't another 15 minutes before it opened up and started pouring. Not only were we drenched in sweat from before, but now we were soaked from the rain and muddy. When we got all of the tools into the garage we had to call it a day. As soon as we went inside we had to strip down so we wouldn't make a mess, and even our underwear went into the wash. Obviously neither of us had a change of clothes there, so we had to stay naked.

It was storming pretty hard and we couldn't shower because of the lightning, so we just sat there for a while watching TV to keep up with what was going on. Off and on we both kept getting hard and then soft, but neither of us did anything about it. A half hour or so went by before it started dying down, and when it just changed to a steady rain I said I was going to go rinse off. I hate jacking off in the shower because it's so hard for me to cum, but I still tried with no success. I finally gave up and got out. After I dried off and went downstairs, I saw him sitting on the edge of the couch stroking himself. He heard me and looked over and said 'I'm sorry man, I can't help it' without missing a stroke. I told him not to worry about it as my half-hard dick sprung back to life. I sat in the recliner, leaned it back and started masturbating with him, seeing his hand working his penis from between my feet.

Since he had been at it longer, he was the first to cum. He grabbed a tissue and wrapped up his cock, and by the look on his face it was a big load. He milked out every drop and cleaned it off, then dropped the tissue in the ashtray and leaned back, letting his softening penis flop on his leg. I was still at it, stopping when I was close, letting it die down and then starting again. I did this three times before I decided to cum, and when I did the first shot went about a foot in the air. The second one felt even better as my toes spread apart and I let out an 'oh fuck yeah!' as my cum kept flowing. When it was finally over I was a sticky mess. I went to the kitchen to clean up and moved the clothes to the dryer. When I got back to the living room he had fallen asleep, so I figured I would take a nap as well. About 45 minutes later the dryer buzzing woke us up, so we figured it was time to get dressed and go home. Our shoes were still wet and muddy, so we had to throw them in the truck bed and drive home barefoot. Not a word was said about it on the drive home or the next two days we were there, it was just one of those urges that had to be taken care of.



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