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More With My Father-in-law

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Several weeks after my father-in-law and I jacked off together, he called me at home and asked if I would help him with his car. I told my wife I was going to her folks and would be home in a while. When I got there, he said my mother-in-law was going to be away for several hours and asked if I'd like to have another session in his basement. I allowed as how I might be able to get up for it. A short time later we were both naked and playing with each other's cocks.He asked if I'd ever had a blow job from a man and I told him I'd had bjs from my friend in high school but that was all. I also told him I'd given a few as well. He grinned broadly and suggested mutual blow jobs might be fun. I replied it was just fine with me. He said he had something to show me before we got started. He got on his knees in front of the sofa and pulled a photo album out from under the cushions and handed it to me. I opened it and the first picture I saw was a photo of my mother-in-law. She was totally nude and cupping her gigantic tits in her hands. Her pubic patch was dark blonde to match the hair on her head but it was full, thick and completely untrimmed. Her tits are very, very big and the areolas are almost covering the entire ends of each tit. The nipples look to be nearly an inch long. My cock got even harder than it already was and I felt weak in the knees from lust. My father-in-law smiled when he saw my reaction. He said I should look at a few more pictures. Many of the pics were of he and she in various sex acts. Sucking each other in sixty-nine, doggy fashion, her on top on and on! I wondered out loud, who took the pictures? He told me it was his younger brother. My wife's Uncle Eddie. I asked if he joined in? His reply was sometimes but they didn't want to have pictures of it in case someone who shouldn't see the pics was to find them.After I'd seen all the pics, I was ready to jack, suck or whatever was going to happen. My father-in-law sat me down on the sofa and commenced to suck me off. It wasn't long before I pumped a heavy load down his eager throat. His cock seemed to be longer and slimmer than I remembered. I tried to deep throat him but could only get about half of him in my waiting mouth. I sucked as if I was starving for cock and he responded by filling my mouth with his salty strings of cum. We sat and talked about the possibility of a threesome with his brother Eddie. He said Eddie was not as long as he was but much bigger around. He said Eddie could shoot a load two or three feet in the air. He said when they were kids, they used to peek on their older sister and jack off later. Eddie could always shoot farther and higher. The talk of another joining us got me hot again and my cock was ready for more action. He was ready too, so we sat side by side on the sofa and jacked each other till we were ready to cum. I was there first and he slid down and caught my load in his mouth. When he was ready, I did the same for him. It had been a long time since I had another shoot a load in my mouth and this was so erotic. He showed me where he kept the picture album and told me I could look at it anytime I was alone. He hinted that maybe my mother-in-law might be interested in joining in. I almost asked to have another session but had to get ready to go home. He said when it was convenient, he'd call his brother and we would meet in the basement. I went home with the pleasant memories of all that had happened, all that I'd seen of my mother-in-law and all that was possibly going to happen.



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