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Back Yard Show

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Couldn't resist my hunky audience.


I was home from college last summer, relaxing poolside at my parents' home in our suburban New York neighborhood. They had gone on vacation and I was enjoying a much-needed break from med-school.
I was reclining in a lounge chair reading a book when I heard a truck pull up and stop outside the garden wall. It's about 8 feet high and lined with trees and bushes for roadside privacy. At least at ground level! Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the cherry-picker arm of the truck rise above the wall, carrying a very well built cable technician up to the poles which lined the road; because of the cherry-picker bucket, only his upper torso was visible, but what a site it was. He was muscular and tanned wearing a tank top that was stretched to its limit across mounded pects from which his broad shoulders and bulging biceps extended. He wore a white hard hat and sunglasses and very rugged five o'clock shadow. 'Delicious,' was the first response which registered in my brain, the second was, 'Do me!'
I wasn't sure if I should pretend this god-like figure wasn't gazing down on me from the heavens or, should I make my presence known so he would. My hormones won that argument, so I stood and jumped into the pool so the splash would get his attention. Out of the corner of me eye, I saw it did. He seemingly continued working on the wires atop the pole as I lifted myself from the pool.
I decided to have some fun and be more bold. After ringing out my long brown hair, I looked around pretending to ensure that no one was within view, and then I undid my bathing suit top and let it fall to the ground. I think my hunky audience nearly fell off the truck.
The cool air and my hands running along my body caused my nipples to harden. I reclined again on the lounge chair, putting on my sunglasses so I could glance out of the corner of eye at my audience without him knowing I saw him -- after all, what was hotter than viewing something you shouldn't be watching!
He didn't move for the longest time, bent forward with his hands on the edge of the bucket. I heard his colleague on the ground yell up to him, 'What the hell are you doing, Brad?' He waved his hands to silence his partner so I wouldn't hear and leave, ending his fun.
His fun was just beginning. The heat of the sun and the situation had me getting really wet and horny. I decided to go all the way for this god-like gazer.
Though I didn't remove the bottom half of my bathing suit, I ran my hand down between my tits, across my stomach and under the waistband of the suit until I was cupping my very wet, and very hot pussy. I ran my middle finger up and down its swollen lips, causing it to pulse open and closed, awaiting entry. I used three fingertips to make circular movements around my clit and my hips began to gyrate. I peeked to see my voyeur smiling like a Cheshire cat; I wished I could see if his hands were moving inside the bucket, secretly hoping he might be masturbating as well.
Wet, hot and horny, I laid the palm of hand across my hairy box and began rapidly stroking back and forth. The friction and pulse exciting my clit; had he been closer, he'd have heard the swishing and slurping of my wetness. I used my other hand to massage my tits and pinch my nipples; I was so into this, I knew it wouldn't be long before I orgasmed. Whether he could hear or not, I began moaning and gasping as my climax rose from within. My body tensed and spasmed with my first orgasm, followed quickly by a second. My hand stopped its stroking motion as I caught my breath, then I inserted two fingers into my pussy and began fingering myself while massaging my clit with my thumb causing me to come a third time.
I lay spent on the lounge peering to see my audience smile and go back to work on the cables.
After a few minutes, I jumped in the pool to cool off then went into the house. After showering, I looked out the window to see that the truck was gone. I trust my hunky audience enjoyed his day at work; I know I enjoyed my day at home!



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