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Becky Fantasy 2

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As I go through my cycle, not only the degree of horniness changes, but so does the type. During my period, I feel soft, virginal, delicate, in the first week and a bit after, I am feeling more and More raunchy until just before I come on again, I am feeling really dirty.  This is a “virgin” fantasy that I use sometimes. 


I always take time to dress the part. There’s no use in having a virgin fantasy with a thong splitting my bum in two, I need to really enjoy it. 

So, it’s the day before I’m due on, or rather the night before. I have dressed carefully. I’m in a white cotton trainer bra, and I’ve even take my nipple piercings out. That in itself was.....enjoyable. I have white cotton panties too. Over the top, I have a white cotton dress. I feel very pure and innocent. 

Sometimes, I will go outside and do this in a place where teenagers might have their first kiss and feel, but it’s pissing down with rain tonight so I have to pretend I’m in his room. 

I close my eyes.

we are kissing, deeply, passionately. I feel his hands all over my back. Part of me wants him to touch my boobs, but part of me is scared if he does. Will he go even further? 

Eventually, I feel him testing my response as his hands track around my sides and a thumb casually grazes my small right breast. I press against him in spite of myself. He knows it’s ok to continue.

hes cupping my breast now and his other hand is going furthe r down onto my bum. I know he can feel my panties under my dress. My hands? Oh, they ache to touch that bulge I can feel pressing against me. Holy fuck! My first ever cock. I reach for it and place the flat of my palm against it. It feels enormous, almost angry. 

Theres a little fumbling and I feel the zipper on my dress being undone and it falls to the floor. I’m standing here in my underwear! Oh. My. God! Meanwhile, I’m fumbling at his zip too. He helps me because I can’t quite do it myself. Then, oh then I feel it as it springs out at me! His erect cock!

(In real life I have stuck my dildo to a mirror and am fondling it,)

I feel him slipping my bra strap off. I’m not sure if I’m ok with this, but my body has other ideas. As it slips easily over my shoulder his other hand punches a little and the clip undoes. I feel my bra fall from me, and for the first time ever, my breasts are exposed. It feels wonderfully naughty, but I’m worried too. As his warm hand cupped my boob, I felt something warm and wet fill my panties. What if he touches me there? He will find me gooey and wet. What will he think? 

We continue to kiss and I continue to wank him. I feel very grown up. I’m topless, almost naked and I have, for the first time, a boys cock in my hand. I feel him pushing down on my shoulders, quite firmly. At first I don’t know what he wants, then it dawns on me.....he wants me to kiss it. 

I kneel, and suddenly it’s right in front of me, this hard, throbbing thing. I open my mouth and take the tip in. It’s wet, tastes slightly salty, but it’s also warm so I begin to suck and move my head as he guides me. I find I can take about half of it before I gag. I think I’m doing it properly, but he pulls me up standing again. Did I do it Wrong?  Don’t think so, certainly for me it was great! The sight, smell and taste of it has made my panties even wetter. 

He kisses me again and I feel his hand stroke over the front of my panties. I clamp my knees together. I don’t want him to find my wetness. But the moment he teases me by slipping his hand into the elastic waistband and travel down through my sparse pubic hair, I relax. I feel his finger explore me. My hard clit makes me gasp when he reaches it and he twirls his finger around it sending shockwaves through me. He travels further down and is now in between the moist folds. I feel him find my hole.....my virgin hole.....and carefully, he slips a finger in until he meets the resistance of my hymen. I know, because I’ve done it, that it’s possible to put a finger into the hole in my hymen, and, sure enough, he very carefully finds the way in. He’s rougher than I am when I do it, and it begins to feel uncomfortable. But then the way he’s moving his finger, curling it forwards and pressing makes me so wet. 

Im wanking his cock now....and I want to press against it. I turn, and press my bum back. I can feel it slip between my legs and over my panties. This is the closest I’ve ever been to doing it....to really doing it. I ride that magnificent cock as he pulls me back and forth with his hands on my hips. Then I feel his hand slip,down the front of my panties again, he plays with my clit and it drives me crazy. I don’t even notice that he has carefully tugged the panties aside, and now, the lips,of my cunt are riding his cock.

i feel elated, I know something magical is building deep,in my tummy. He pushes me forward away from him. Not far, just enough to tile my precise a little. Then I feel pressure over my hole. I know it’s the head of his cock. For a moment, I freeze. Holy shit! He’s about to fuck me.....I can’t....I mustn’t.....but my body needs this, desires this more than anything. I push back. There’s a sharp pain as he enters me, but it soon gives way.....no...that’s not right.....it’s overcome by the other feelings. My panties are now riding my clit and it feels great! He fucks me slowly at first, getting me used to being stretched wide, but soon I am pressing back urgently. I need him to bang me. I feel both his hands on my hips and he is bumping against me hard as he fucks me, 

(back in reality, I have my panties to one side, and I’m fucking the dildo which is still stuck to my mirror)

i feel him swell inside me, getting even bigger, if that were possible. Then he moans “oh, I’m so close.” For a moment I’m scared, but my mouth says “Do it inside me. Cum in me.” His pace increases and he is banging hard right on my g spot. I feel something building in me. I’m not sure what it feels like. It’s a mixture of bursting for a pee, but there’s something more to it...something else. I force myself not to let it happen. That ‘want to,pee’ feeling scares me. Then he cries out and holds perfectly still. Deep in me, I feel a pulse, then another, then another and I know that for the first time ever, a boy is cumming inside me. The image, the feelings are too much and despite myself, I let my own feeling overwhelm me, and I cum hard on his cock. 

(Back in reality, I have cum with the dildo inside me and my panties to one side. There is something really erotic about cumming in one’s panties. Sometimes when I masturbate like this, I will squirt heavily. Sometimes, I will make sure I have drunk a lot,of water first, and I may deliberately wet myself. 

There are variations of this fantasy, and sometimes I use it during my raunchy days. Then, I will always pee myself, while I pretend that the boy os maybe forcing me and that I’m ‘scared’)

well, there is it. I hope you enjoyed it. 



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