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Deep Sleeper

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I still use this scene from a few years ago when I'm fantasizing.

College was a time for all kinds of new experiences; figuring out how to bone your significant other when privacy was scarce was a rather common experience. Mind you, it wasn't an issue I had for most of my sophomore year. Instead, I developed skills at surreptitious frigging-usually quietly getting off hidden beneath a blanket on the other side of a dark dorm room from my sleeping roommate.

She, however, had a boyfriend, and I frequently heard about their hunt for hidden spots from the luck of finding an unlocked classroom to the thrill of using a screen of shrubbery near the science building and trying not to be heard.

This is the story of the night they hoped to take advantage of the fact that I'm a deep sleeper and hard to wake.

I was in bed a hair early, having only managed about three hours of sleep the night before thanks to procrastination and term papers. My roommate was out to a movie with her boyfriend, and it had been strongly implied that they would be looking at some favorite spots for a bit of privacy. So I didn't expect her back for a while. The chance to get off without having to stifle every sound was going to be a pleasant luxury.

My then-current favorite fantasy involved visiting my incredibly hot Spanish professor to discuss the rather lackluster grades I'd been managing. After a solid spanking for my poor study habits, I would imagine myself being eaten out and screwed across the desk as incentive for better grades in the future. With the night to myself, I was slowly warming up as I ran the scenario in my head; slowly stroking my thighs and brushing nipples that were already tight little peaks.

I had just begun to slide a finger up and down the slick cleft of my pussy, teasing myself, when I heard our dorm room door being unlocked.

Of course I froze, lying still and slowing my breathing into what was hopefully an adequate illusion of deep sleep. Not that it mattered much. I doubt that she could hear my breathing over her own loudly whispered, 'shhhh. she's asleep.' I couldn't really make out the reply, save that it was a very masculine whisper.

In a few moments, my roommate, and her boyfriend had slipped into the room, closed the door, and I could hear the rustling of fabric and light smacking of kisses that indicated they were wasting no time getting to the making out part of the evening.

Opening my eyes just a bit, I could make out the shadowy figures dimly lit by streetlights through cheap dorm curtains. Through a veil of eyelashes, I watched as clothing began coming off and dropping to the floor. If I were going to shift, cough, or otherwise let them know I was awake, that was the time to do it, and yet I remained still and quiet as their hands roamed and I could hear each catch of breath and stifled moan.

After a few more moments, my finger began to move very slowly and gently, circling my clit as I heard the slither of his belt being unbuckled and the 'zzzip' of his jeans. I pressed harder, keeping my breathing slow and even, while my roommate dropped to her knees with a murmur that I couldn't really make out.

Wet sounds and muffled moans accompanied the shadowy movements as I fought to let my arousal rise without any movement of my hips. I could roll my stiff clit between my fingers and imagine moaning along with my roommate, maybe running a hand down her boyfriend's back and along the curve of the ass I had rather frequently admired.

His dimly visible hand dropped to hide in her mass of dark hair as he grunted, signalling some rise or peak in his arousal. I found myself imagining what my roommate might be doing as I struggled to keep my breath slow and steady while the first straining peak of my own arousal rose in response. Sliding my fingers down, I dipped them into the warm of my cunt, which tightened around them for a few moments as I slowly slid them in and out at about half the speed my roommate was going.

My fingers returned to my clit as I saw his hips joining the movement of her hand. I admit that I felt my peak rising again as her boyfriend groaned a what must have been an over-vigorous pull on his hard cock. The pause, the shadowy stroking of his hand along her hair before she slowly returned to jacking his cock, all made the voyeurism much more real and exciting. No carefully packaged porn here. Hell, I couldn't even see his no-doubt rock hard cock, only hear the sounds my roommate was making as she worked that invisible length.

I could imagine though. As my fingers locked around my clit once again, I imagined my fingers digging into the barely visible ass as his cock slipped up and down my wet cunt lips. I imagined that shadowy hand in my hair as my thighs tightened and I felt the slow build of warmth and pressure in my clit. I fought not to make a sound, to keep my breath gentle, even they stopped seeming to care how loud they were, their moans fueling my coming climax.

I held it off, just barely, just until the unmistakable grunt of his eruption meant that they would be too distracted to notice my own suppressed tremors beneath my blanket. My clit felt like it exploded, thighs and gut and cunt clenching over and over again as I simply rode the waves of pleasure out. I had no trouble drifting off to sleep listening to them clean up and marvel at how deeply I appeared to sleep.

Needless to say, I consciously developed a reputation for sleeping deeply and getting to bed early, allowing my roommate a 'private' place to drag her boyfriends, and allowing myself a year of delightful voyeurism.



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