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An Amazing Rubdown

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A story about my favorite massage therapist.


I have enjoyed Solo Touch for a couple of years now and love reading the stories of how you guys get together to pleasure one another. It gets me so hot thinking about wrapping my fist around a buddies hard on and tugging out some juice. I don't get that chance often, since I am married with a family. The opportunity just doesn't come up for me.

A couple of years ago I was going through a time where I was having some neck problems and a friend suggested that I get a massage. I had never had a massage before, but it sounded like a good idea and I had heard other guys talking about a 'happy ending' to a massage. That sounded like a great idea. Guys have always turned me on, so I wanted to find a male therapist and made some phone calls from a local classified ad.

I found a guy named Justin. He sounded great on the phone and had a good attitude, but I didn't know how to bring up that what I really wanted was to get a load off. I ended up making an appointment with him for the same day and headed over to his apartment. I was so nervous on the drive over. I really couldn't believe that I was going to go over to this massage studio hoping a guy would massage every inch of my body.

When I got there and met Justin I was amazed. This guy was so much hotter than I expected. He answered the door in a pair of shorts with no shirt on, wearing his baseball cap backwards. He was about my age, 32 at the time, and had the best body that I had ever been next to. A tight lean body builder; blonde and tanned.

We chatted for a minute and talked about the massage and then he showed me the room where he kept his table. The room was nice and warm and smelled great. He left me to get undressed, so I stripped down and got on the table face down. There was a sheet folded down, but I didn't get under it, instead I left my cute ass out uncovered.

When Justin came in, he made sure I was comfortable. My heart started pounding when he touched me. I was afraid it was pounding so hard that he would be able to feel it through my back. He rubbed my neck and my shoulders and down my ass and the back of my legs. I just sighed and moaned my gratitude.

When he was done with my back he had me roll over to work on the front. When I lifted my head I realised that he had slipped off his shorts at some time and was also bare-assed. His body was very defined, even chisseled. His cock was huge, much larger than my six incher, and half erect. He just smiled at me as I got comfortable on my back.

He rubbed down my chest and across my nipples and I started to get hard. I closed my eyes for a minute and just breathed in the whole moment. This gorgeous guy was rubbing me down and we were both naked and getting excited. It was the moment that I knew I had gone to the right place. He rubbed down my belly and over my legs and feet, and then he ran his hand up my thigh and gripped my half hard dick. He looked at me and asked, 'Is it ok with you if I take care of this?' I just nodded and squeeked out a 'yes.'

He started out stroking real slow, squeezing from the bottom of my shaft to the tip of my head. He took some of the oil he had used for my massage as lube and polished up my knob. His biceps looked amazing as his arm stroked one of the best hard ons of my life.

He began to swell more, so I wrapped my fist around his huge cock and started stroking too. It felt so thick and meaty in my hand, and he was dripping pre-cum. I sat up on the table and faced him with my legs on each side straddling him. Both of us kept stroking, steadily faster. I licked his nipples and twisted them between my teeth. He kept moaning and the better he felt the faster he stroked me. Finally I couldn't hold back any more and leaned back to let loose with four or five ropes of squirt all over his hand and my stomach. He just kept stroking until I couldn't take it anymore and I begged him to stop.

I reached around to squeeze his tight ass and kept whipping his cock until he let loose all over my cock and balls. He got a towel and cleaned me off and offered his shower for me to rinse off. I thought that was a good idea since I didn't want to go home to my wife with another guys jizz all over me.

I have been back since and still enjoy the experience, but I get hung up on paying for my release. My fantasy is to have a buddy who, like me, enjoys a rub down with a 'happy ending.'



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