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When I Was Young

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When I was 11 years old, the summer between fifth and sixth grade, I had a friend, Jimmy, who was a year older and would be going into seventh in the fall. We would go to the local pool once in a while to swim and there would be a bunch of kids there about our age. We always had fun horseing around in the locker room. This is where I was first subject to lots of naked boys. The older kids, 13-15-year-olds, would sometimes make fun of the younger kids. Often they would tease some of the boys about their small hairless penises. At the time I had never been naked with strangers or kids I didn't know. Just my brother and a few friends from my block.

I was shy and didn't like anyone seeing me naked although I like seeing other kids wieners. At fist I thought mine was small but after a few trips to the pool I began to think mine was bigger than many of the older kids. I didn't have any hair yet but I didn't get teased by the big boys. They must have been impressed with the size of my wiener. Jimmy liked to get naked and strut around, he said he was practicing for when he got to seventh grade and had to shower after phys-ed, practicing not getting a boner. He often sprung a woody but nobody said anything to him because he was the best athelete in his class and he had a big cock and a little hair around it. I loved being Jimmy's friend and felt safe and protected when I was with him. I remember him saying to me the fist time we went to the pool, as we were getting undressed, I was standing there in my white underwear (I wore the same brand as Jimmy) looking nervous, he said 'it's ok, we're all boys.'

One day after we had been to the pool and seen a lot of new guys naked(so many different shapes and sizes of cocks) Jimmy asked me to come back to his house to hang out. As soon as we got in the house he stripped down to his underwear claming he was hot. He was hot alright. He asked me if I wanted to strip, so I thought why not. Before I got my shorts off I could tell he had a boner going in his underwear. He kept pushing it down with his hand but it would poke back up until it slipped out of the top of his waistband. The big purplish head was sticking up and out of his briefs.

I started to get hard seeing his big dick head. He said we just needed more 'practice' being naked around others and then we would learn to control our erections. Seemed logical to me, and I wanted to be able to control it before I got to seventh grade. We agreed that we should get naked and just hang out. Jimmy tossed his white briefs on the floor by me and I remember looking at them and seeing a couple of stray pubic hairs sticking out of his underwear and thinking I wish I had hair like that on my boner. He loved showing his big package and walked over by where I was sitting so I could get a good, close look at his beatuiful boy penis. I stripped off my underwear and we started to play a card game. Jimmy told me if our boners didn't go down soon he knew another way we can make them go down.

Well, we both stayed hard as a rock for a half hour or so then he decided to take another approach. We put the cards away and Jimmy started to slide the loose skin up and down his dick. He told me it felt really good and that his 16-year-old friend taught him how. He explained sperm and how it shoots out and makes babies and stuff. I thought he was the coolest kid alive, I would have done anything he said at that point. I joined in 'beating off' as he called it. He wanted me to lay down, and he lay on top of me and humped me. This was the most fun I'd ever had, it was awesome. I could feel his soft pubic hair on my balls and his big cock sliding alongside mine.

It wasn't too long and he stiffened up like he was in pain and spewed his sperm all over my hairless crotch. He kept saying he was sorry but I loved it. It felt gooey and warm and I felt loved my the best looking kid in the seventh grade. We showered together in his basement and got dressed. When I got home I realized I had put on his underwear and the pubic hairs were still in them. I left them in there hoping my Mom would see them when she did laundry and think I had hair on my cock. She did ask why I had a pair of underwear a size bigger than what I wore. I said we must have got them mixed up at the pool. Jimmy continued to beat off with me till I was able to cum and when I did, later that year, he celebrated as much as I did. I think he was proud of me in a way. I did learn to control my boner before seventh grade but it wasn't easy. There were many times I had a semi-boner just as I got my underwear on. Jimmy moved to Montana the next year and I've never seen him since. He was a wonderful friend.



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