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School Trip Fun (Part One)

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This took place two years ago when I was 15...

We took a school trip to London for two days and many climbed aboard the bus very early before school started to make the journey. I was to be sharing a room with three other guys in my year: Charlie, Sam and Josh (names changed). We spent the afternoon in a gallery and finally retired to our hotel.

Our room was nicely furnished with two double beds; this was annoying but we soon decided who was to be sharing beds and said no more about it. Josh and Sam would share one bed and Me and Charlie would take the other.

We had suggested beforehand that there may be some dare games played that night and they possibly would include a sexual element. After we were finally checked on by the teachers and they had gone to their rooms, we relaxed and decided to play a game of spin the bottle, truth or dare.

I cannot remember the exact order of the dares, or in fact what many of them were, but here is what I remember. I was the first one to select a dare, and my friends wasted no time at all in taking the game to a high gear, 'I dare you,' said Charlie, a rather chubby boy, 'to get naked in the bathroom and run around the room.' Well, not wanting to set the bar at cowardice, I accepted.

I stepped into the en-suite bathroom and quickly removed my clothes, covering my privates with a hand-towel, not quite feeling confident to show all at this stage, I opened the door and swiftly did a short lap of the room before returning to the bathroom and dressing.

I was congratulated on my confidence and the bottle was spun once again. It landed on my best friend, Josh, about whom I had often fantasised about mutual masturbation and longed to see his cock to compare it to my own. To this end, I offered a dare. On the wall were some abstract paintings; one, above Josh and Sam's bed, was of a woman baring her significant breasts. 'I dare you to get your cock out and wank over that picture over your bed' I whispered excitedly. With little trepidation, Josh accepted and knelt on his bed opposite me and proceeded to whip out his semi-hard member and give it a few good tugs while staring at the image. He was a good size and I wanted so much to be able to compare our hardened dicks.

After a few more tame truths it was my turn again, the bottle singled me out and I chose, 'Dare!'. 'Strip down to your pants and leave your clothes off for now on.' Sam dared. I presently obliged and sat, comfortably, on the bed in my black boxer shorts.

As soon as the bottle hit Josh again and he had chosen dare, I insisted he do the same as me. There we both sat, one semi-naked guy on each bed. We could tell it had just got hotter.

My next dare was to stimulate myself to erection; which I duly did and, unsurprisingly, Josh was dared the same. Needless to say it took neither of us long to achieve this.

The game had now naturally evolved into Me and Josh being given dares, followed by Charlie and Sam being asked truths.

My dare came along. 'Right,' Charlie smiled, 'Dare you to wank Josh off for ten seconds.' Finally the night was going the right way. I walked over to the other bed and asked Josh to get his cock out for me, he obliged. His cock was magnificent, around six and a half inches at the time, he was uncircumcised (as was I), and a drop of pre-cum oozed from his penis head. I firmly gripped his cock in my hand and firmly masturbated him for the prescribed ten seconds. I do not know if his face showed any pleasure as I was fixated by his beautiful cock. He put his boxers back on and I sat down again.

'I think it's time you repaid the favour.' said Charlie and I wasn't arguing. I took down my shorts and exposed my cock to him. He, like I had for him, took it in a firm grip and wanked me off for ten glorious seconds before relinquishing his grip and returning to the other bed. 'If this is the way these dares are going,' I said, half-laughing, 'we may as well take these off for good.' And I threw my boxers onto the floor between the beds. Josh wasted not time in agreeing and tossing his to the ground next to mine. We sat there for a few moments, all inspecting and enjoying these two cocks.

The next few dares continued on a similar theme, with Sam and Charlie being persuaded to give us a helping hand (quite literally) and Sam even quickly flashing us his rather attractive arse.

We then decided to compare our two dicks. We both masturbated to ensure full hardness and stood with our hips touching. Our cocks were examined and we found, to all our surprise, that they both were the same size, width and general shape. They could have been twin cocks, separated at birth.

By this time, both Sam and Charlie had refused to show us their cocks, saying they would be embarrassed next to our rather impressive cocks (for our age). A few more similar dares were had and then we heard a knock on the door. Josh and I quickly retreated under the covers of our respective beds and the door was opened by Chris to our Art teacher who told us that we were making to much noise and that we needed to sleep now. We all agreed that we had greatly enjoyed the game but resolved to call it a night.

I was very horny by this point and was disappointed to have not been brought to orgasm during the game and I informed my room-mates I was going into the bathroom to finish myself off. It was at this point that my fantasies about Josh were to come true...

To be continued in part two...

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