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Acting Out

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After reading most of these stories this year I decided that I owe something back, so here's a real story about how I got to act out one of my favorite sex fantasies. This is very long but I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
I chose a women's college mostly because my Mom went here. I like it because it's a good school and most people are nice, but I feel like I'm missing out on sexual fun that girls have in coed schools. We're kind of isolated, and there is a big lesbian group here, too. Maybe a quarter or more. I've had like five dates (with boys) in three years here. I'm not part of the party crowd that drives to the big town on weekends and I'm not a lesbian so I probably seem asexual. If only people knew. I have a hyperactive sexual imagination and its no effort at all to work myself up into a lather without touching myself. All I have to do is start imagining. By the time I do get around to fiddling with myself I am on the point of orgasm. Sometimes I can get there just by squeezing my nipples.
Most of the time I think about having sex with girls. Lots of girls, all at the same time. I fantasize that I'm a princess or a very rich girl and I am always supplied with beautiful and sexy girls for my sexual pleasure. I insist that they come to see me with low-cut blouses so I can reach in and feel their breasts at will. When I find one I like, I reach under her skirt---no panties allowed---and finger her to a quick orgasm. Then I go on to the next one. Sometimes I have two girls sucking on my two breasts and another eating me out. All three are rubbing themselves and they come lots of times while they are pleasuring me. Meanwhile one of my hands is up another girl's cunt and the other is squeezing yet another girl's big round breast. They're both about to come, too. I wait until I'm just about to come before imagining that they go into orgasmic convulsions at the same moment. Meanwhile in reality it's just me, alone, usually moving two fingers over and around my clitoris, and/or playing with my sensitive nipples. Fortunately I have a single room.
See what I mean about my imagination? It won't take me long to get off, just having written all this out.
Since I'm not a lesbian except in my fantasy life I never thought about trying to act out these scenes, but last week I went beyond imagining them. At my school the lesbians mostly talk to each other, but in the first week of school I made a new friend, Deirdre (not her real name) and when I found out months later that she was gay it didn't matter, we still liked to do things together and talk. For a long time, like two years, I didn't feel comfortable about talking about sex with her, and anyway she kept our friendship and her lesbian life seperate. Early this year she did start bringing her girlfrend Pam with her sometimes when we got together. I couldn't help wondering what they did together (my imagination was also stimulated by the fact that Pam is a real looker), but they kept their hands off each other when I was around and it didn't come up. Until last week.
Deirdre and I were at a campus party where nothing was happening so we went back to my room where we had some beers. Finally after two years of friendship we did talk about sex. She asked me about my experiences and I told her about my big five dates (I had sex with two of the guys). Then I got bold and admitted to her that although I only dated boys all my masturbation fantasies were about girls. She looked hard at me and kept eye contact for longer than I was comfortable with. Anyway I told her that now she had to tell me what she and Pam did together. She did. They sure had a good time on their dates, and they saw each other all the time. I was envious.
Then Deirdre crossed a line. She told me that she and Pam had decided to branch out a little and that they were looking for a third girl to join them some time. They hadn't told any of their lesbian friends. I guess none of them do that kind of thing. Anyway Deirdre asked if I ever thought about having sex with more than one girl and by this time I was completely wet and breathing heavily. I told her everything including the rich girl fantasy. I was excited and upset, afriad to do something I would regret later but oh so tempted, after all of those orgasms that came from just thinking about what was being offered to me. So I said yes. She said she'd tell Pam and they'd call me to tell me when. She called back very late that night and we agreed on two nights later. Pam had a friend who would be out and we could use the big bed in her apartment off campus.
I couldn't think about anything else for the time in between. I was excited all day long, at the same time I was nervous. I masturbated three times the first day but decided after that to stop since I wanted to save all my sexual energy for the real thing.
When the time finally came I went to the apartment and Deirdre opened the door. Pam was there of course but what surprised me was that there was a FOURTH girl too. I knew her a little. She wasn't one of the lesbians either, as far as I knew. Pam said that Julie, this girl, was someone she knew and that she'd told Julie that she was going to do a three-way for the first time and Julie asked her if she could just watch. Pam asked me if that was OK. I was more than a little nervous about that since this wasn't going to be so secret after all but Julie said her lips would be sealed. I thought Julie was being kind of weird just to watch so I said that Julie could stay and just watch but she'd have to take all her clothes off. She looked embarrassed but then said OK.
I didn't know what to do first, but Deirdre and Pam did. We drank some wine and Pam came over to me and put her arm around my waist and started to kiss my neck. Then she started to fondle my right breast with the hand that was around my waist while she kept kissing me. Then Deirdre came over and lifted up my shirt and covered my stomach with kisses. They were both working on me and I thought oh here I go, it really is acting out my fantasy. Two girls pleasuring me, and one of them is as pretty as a model. Deirdre is kind of cute herself though until now I had not thought about her that way. I was shaking with nervousness and trying to relax because I knew that if I did I was going to really enjoy this.
They brought me over to the bed and started stripping me. Pam by now was stroking and kissing my breasts and Deirdre was down by my thighs. Meanwhile they had taken off most of their clothes too and I got even more excited looking at them. Pam would raise her head sometimes and give me long kisses and I smelled her scent which I'd never done before with a girl and my head was swimming. Then Deirdre started playing with my clitoris and within a minute I came. I have never been so excited and the orgasm was so long and deep. I usually don't go for more than one orgasm but this time I knew that one was only the beginning since after a few seconds I started building up again.
Meanwhile Julie had taken off all her clothes as I had insisted, and she sure was watching carefully from the chair by the bed but otherwise not moving very much. I would sneak a look at her sometimes and I found that her nakedness was exciting too so I was glad I'd said yes about her being there. After I came the first time she started moving around, it was like my orgasm had revved her up, and she started playing with herself. At first it was slow but very soon she was moving her hand furiously and although she was still watching the three of us every second she was kind of bent over and her face was contorted.
By this time I was ready to come again. I had my arms around Pam and I pulled her up higher so that I could feel her big breasts and suck on her nipples. I never did anything so thrilling as that. I came again and Deirdre left me alone for a minute but then started to lick around my vagina and lightly on my clit. I was still sucking on Pam's breast but I reached forward and started working on her clit, stroking it lightly at first and sometimes stopping to put two fingers inside her. Then I started rubbing her faster. She came soon and that got me going toward my third huge orgasm. I looked over at Julie and saw her coming too. She let out a loud moan as she did.
Then I was kind of done. I just didn't have any more sex in me. Pam went over to Deirdre and gave her a big kiss and then went down on her. She pinched Deirdre's nipples while she licked her clit and Deirdre went into an orgasm that seemed like it wouldn't end. She raised her butt high off the bed and her thighs shook under Pam until she finally sank back and sighed.
By now we were all just feeling mellow and wiped out and we just lay in each others arms except for Julie who was still in the chair. Pam told her to come join us but she wouldn't. After a while she put her clothes back on and left. I felt a little bit of sexual urge again and went back to Pam's nipples for a little peck. Pam told me to keep doing that, hard, and she reached down and stroked herself to another orgasm. She looked so beautiful while she came, with soft little cries. I could see why Deirdre was in love with her. Deirdre came over and put her hand on my cunt. I was thinking that this was all going on too long but I was excited after Pam's orgasm and leaned back on the bed and let Deirdre bring me off one last time. It didn't take long. It left me limp.
Finally we all started putting on our clothes again and the moment had passed. We didn't talk much. Pam's friend was coming back to the apartment later that night so we had to clear out and I went back to my room. We haven't done it again in the few days since then and I suspect I was just a change of pace for them so maybe it won't happen again. I am not sure what I want, but I know that acting out your fantasies is sometimes even better than what you think.



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