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Abandoned House

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Quick info: I'm 19, Corey's 18 we're both black (African American) and best friends. We're in college, but live at home with our families. For more info and details read the first story

This is True (like all my stories are)

Me and Corey have still been jacking off with each other every chance we get (almost every other week) and I haven't wrote about it on here because nothing out of the usual had happened, that is until Thursday.

Starting off it had been September (the 30th I think) Since me and Corey had last gotten together and jacked off because, we've just been busy, with college, jobs, and our families. So, I texted him Wednesday and asked what classes he had tomorrow, and he responded with 'nothing important, they're all classes I can miss, why?' and I asked him if he would like to hang out and maybe we could 'do something' He responded with 'sure', and we agreed to meet up.

On Thursday, I woke up, at my normal time and left my house to go off to school, and Corey did the same, so our parents wouldn't get suspicious. After I took care of some stuff I needed to, as did he, I went by his school, picked him up at about 11:30, and off we went to the neighboring city where a mall and basically everything else is to avoid running into my grandmother who was at my house that day.

At first we just went driving around and talking when I asked him 'so... where do you wanna go?'

and Corey said...

'I dunno. the mall I guess?'

'well... duh. but I meant to go jack off'

I then told him that we couldn't go to my family's rental property because my grandmother was at home, and I wasn't sure what she had planned and she might go by there or something, and obviously we couldn't go by my house with her being home. Since Corey's mother doesn't work, we couldn't go by his house either. After a few minutes of thinking sitting parked in the middle of the street of a subdivision I suggested we could ride around and maybe find an abandoned house (by abandoned, I do not mean a house that's like 100 years old or like a haunted house, but a house that has been foreclosed on that no one lives in, there's a good few in our area), and go there, and he said that was fine, and we drove around looking for one.

After maybe about five minutes of driving, we found one that was off in the woods, but we couldn't get in. So we got back in the car and drove around some more when we found a two-story house in a neighbourhood built maybe in the 70's. After trying all the doors, Corey noticed a broken window, and opened it and we climbed in. After looking around inside, we went upstairs and picked a bedroom in the back which had some used condoms on the floor. 'We should probably make this one a quick one in case someone else tries to come in here.' Corey said and I agreed.

We both pulled off our hoodies, and he kind of walked off to the back corner of the room and started playing with himself in his pants. I walked over and started grabbing his dick through his jogging pants to kind of feel him up. The second I grabbed him he sighed and just kinda looked up at the ceiling. then he pulled away a bit and pulled down his pants and his curved dick was sticking out through his Super Mario boxers. Then he pulled his pants back up and walked over to me where I started grabbing him again. and this time he grabbed me (which I had told him turned me on REAL quick.) While he was doing that and I was grabbing him he pulled down his pants again and I grabbed his dick and started stroking it. While I was doing that he kept grabbing my dick, and with his other hand, undid my belt, undid the button, and pulled down the zipper of my jeans. Then he reached into my red, black, and white plaid boxers and started playing with my dick, before pulling it out.

This was about all I could take, and I told him to hold up while I got the lube out my bag. While I was doing that, he pulled off his pants and his boxers, and I did too. Stripped down to just our socks, we laid down on the floor beside each other and he asked for the lube, and I passed him the baby oil, and he poured some in his hand and started jacking himself and I did the same. After a few minutes I asked him

'yo... I never have made out with a dude before, would you mind trying it?' and he said 'sure'

I asked him to get on his knees, and we both did right in front of each other and I told him to start off, and he did. It was honestly a lot hotter than I thought it would be. While we were making out I grabbed his dick and he grabbed mine and started jacking each other, which made us start making out real heavy and moan.

We eventually had to stop to catch our breaths and went back to jacking ourselves, and making back out. I pulled away to ask if maybe he wanted me to suck him or anything and he kinda moaned out 'nah, I'm already cumming...' and with that he started grunting real hard and started to bust, which was the quickest he has ever cum as long as we've been jacking off together, (I guess the making out really turned him on too.) and it shot out (which is unusual for him, he's not really a shooter) and the first shot hit me right next to my dick in my pubes. I was so turned on by this, that I started cumming right after then, and since he busted on me, I decided to do the same to him, and nutted in his pubes next to his dick. Because he could tell I was doing this on purpose, he got closer to me and shot the rest of his load in my pubes and on my thigh a little. I came a lot more than I thought I would though and left a noticeable great deal more of my nutt on him than he did on me, and I guess I felt kind of bad cause after I came down from my orgasm I said 'sorry'. (also that was my first time cumming on anyone)

After we finished we wiped ourselves up with a towel and we got dressed, and continued on with the rest of our day. Hopefully we'll be able to work in more time to get together and jack more. I'll submit more stories if anything else unusual happens. Hope you liked it. and Thanks for the comments!



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