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Rafting Trip Fun - Day 2 - Part 2

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Fun on a camping trip with my best friend late at night in the tent. 


This is the final installment story about a rafting trip with friends after graduating from high school.  After rafting all morning and hanging out playing basketball at the park, after a quick dinner the 10 of us on the trip were hanging out around a fire - enjoying the last of the beverages that we had brought with us.  Close to midnight, we were all tired and as with the night before we doused the flames of the fire by whipping our cocks out and taking a piss.  

Ryan and I were off to our tent with the sure intent to have some fun.  We climbed into the tent and stripped naked - each of us lying on our backs next to each other.   It was a hot summer night - perspiration glistened on our skin.  I was ready to stroke and shifted my weight so I was lying on my side facing Ryan.  My eyes were still adjusting to the darkness as Ryan turned to face me also.  I felt Ryan reach over to me as he gently stroked my hips, butt and side.  His gentle touch felt awesome as he moved to my cock.  

I wanted to do more than just jack off next to each other.  With one quick movement in the dark I pushed him on his back and mounted him   My cock to his.   It was too hot to lay on him so I rested on my forearms, nestled my head next to his and raised up my hips slightly to hover over his pelvis.  My cock was rock hard and was plastered against my rippled abs.  My sack hung low ever so gently touching his cock   

With one hand Ryan began to massage my butt while he grabbed both my cock and his cock with his other hand.  His fingers gently explored the shallow depths of my twitching hole - not quite penetrating - just teasing.  He stroked our cocks together with a tight grip as our sweat commingled.  It wasn't long that I felt the rush of hormones building.  I raised up on my hands and ground my cock into his.  I shifted my hips front and back as my sensitive head began to throb.  Our cocks were trapped between our bodies.  As we were both about to cum he grabbed my ass with both of his hands and pressured my body harder into his.  With that both of our cocks erupted with ropes of white hot come shooting forth from the engorged heads.   

We had to keep quiet and we held our collective breaths as our orgasms subsided.  Cum covered Ryan's abs and chest, and mixed with our sweat in the heat of the night it quickly began to run down Ryan's body in multiple streams.  

Totally spent we laid next to each other and cleaned ourselves with Ryan's boxers that he had cast aside in the tent. 

A night to remember for both of us as we drifted off to sleep naked and exhausted from the events of the day and night.  



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