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Over Five Times a Day

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I work at a fast food restaurant which doesn't really bode well on the story I am going to tell. It was closing time, and I was doing my closing duties as everyone else was. My co-worker is in charge of cleaning the bathrooms. This has always been the case, and no complaint otherwise.

Little did I know, there was a reason behind it all. One night he was taking quite a bit of time in there. No one really bothers in going to the restroom as it's awkward to go when it's being cleaned.

Still, I needed to ask him something, so I entered the restroom. Low and behold, there he was jerking off into the urinal.

'Now, that's hot.' I smirked at him. He freaked out a bit as if he just saw a ghost. 'No worries. Just cum already, so we can home.' I closed the door, and told my manager he was just about finished.

We were talking about it as our manager was doing his final checks. 'So, how horny were you that you actually had to cum at work, in a fast food restroom, no less?'

'I don't know, man. I just can't help it. I jerk off over five times a day. I just do it to get it out.'

'Five times a day?! I can barely manage three times a day. How do you even have the time, well, I guess at work. But five times?'

'Well, when you're horny like me, you find a way. Speaking of which, I couldn't cum this time, no thanks to you. If you're interested, follow me home tonight.'

I followed him home, and he lead me to his place. We entered his room, and he started stripping his work clothes off. I did the same. He was hard as a rock, and his cock was dripping. I was getting harder by the second.

He told me to lay next to him, and he grabbed hold of my cock and started stroking. I proceeded to do the same to his. He started to explain why jerking each other off can be a whole new experience.

'When it comes to being on your own, we have control of everything. Now, when we're here together like this, we have almost no control. Sure, you can fight it, but there is no stopping the experience. Eventually, you'll give in and let the cum just flow.'

Everything he said was true. I was too focused on controlling myself as I tried to jerk him off. Soon, I could really get a sense of it all, and I just relaxed and enjoyed every second of what I was feeling and doing.

Soon, I could feel myself getting close, and he knew as I tried to jack him off faster as if I was jerking myself off. It was all so intense. The shots just flew one after another. He then told me to focus as I recovered from my orgasm.

I could hear him breathing heavier. He raised his hips as cum flew out over his chest. I would never forget an experience like that again.



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