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8th Grade Cheerleader

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By the time I was in the 8th grade I had developed quite a bit ahead of my time. I already had a nice pair of tits and girly figure. I was one of four girls on the cheerleader team. During practice and of course in our cheerleader outfits what really stood out on me compared to the other three girls were my legs. They all had rather thin shapeless looking legs. I, on the other hand, had larger very shapely legs and did they ever get attention. During events where we were up performing in front of the students I couldn't help but notice the boys in the crowds. They would be constantly looking at my legs. I further notice that the male teachers were often doing the same. I guess I got some kind of a charge from this and I even talked my mother to hem up my skirt a little higher telling her that it wasn't even with the other girls. She took care of this hemming it up another inch or so. I would also pull my tights up as high as I could as well as my skirt to expose even more leg. Apparent I enjoyed the attention they were getting.

As time went by I also began to notice an effect I was having on the boys. I'd glance at the front of there pants and on some of them I couldn't help but see they were having erections from watching me. There was a couple of them that got in another world and had there hand in front of there pants rubbing themselves all the while staring at my legs. It became very obvious to me that girls legs get boys aroused. Then one afternoon while performing at a rally on a stage we turned our backs to the students while kneeling down and I looked up where the school principal was seated. He was setting right behind me. His legs were at eye level with me and I couldn't believe my eyes. His legs were out in front of him and open slightly and down one of his pants legs I could see his penis right thru the material and he had a ragging hardon! He noticed me looking and he quickly brought his legs together fearing I might see but he was a little too late. He was in his forties at the time and his wife was one of our teachers.

As time went by I was quickly learning. Now thinking back with what I now know as an adult I now know what I was doing to those boys and men back then as a 'little' 13 year old. I can just imagine that poor principal with what he saw right in front of him with me in my super short skirt and extra tight tights I wore which even showed the bottom of my ass cheeks. I saw first hand the effect a view like this has on boys and men. Back then I can only imagine how many masturbation sessions went on with me and my legs as there stimulus as they blew their loads and what the older married teachers had on there minds while having sex with there wives.

When I hit high school and the dating scene and eventual kissing and petting there were occasions when my date would have his hand going all over my thighs and would be so aroused that as soon as I touched there penises thru there pants they went off filling their pants with their cum. Now married and with my husband my legs are still the center of his arousal and he'll often ask me to just rub his erect penis against my inner thigh and he always ends up having an orgasm from this covering my thigh with his cum.

I guess as they say. Nothing beats a great pair of legs!



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