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Watched His Bulge Grow

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Needs no explanation.


Last month our office had its Christmas party. It was in the evening at this real nice nightclub. I wore this nice tight red dress to the party. I took a seat with some of the girls I worked with and we enjoyed a drink and talked.

Across from me I noticed this man named Charles. He and I didn't work together and I really didn't know him. He was wearing these tight fitting slacks and a white shirt. I was facing him as I sat in my chair and my skirt had come up my legs quite a bit and the dress also was very low cut showing lots of boobs. I noticed Charles couldn't keep his eyes off of me.

I then glanced down and could see the bulge in Charles's slacks. It was obvious he was well endowed there. I sat in my chair and ever so often I'd look over and check out the bulge. On my second look it was plan to see it had grown bigger. On my third look it was still bigger again. By then I was getting aroused myself and I started kicking my crossed leg in excitement. When I had my next look it was obvious Charles had a full blown hard on. It looked so good and I figured he had to be a good 8 inches long. My pussy was now getting wet as I looked at the big bulge.

About this time our eyes came together and Charles smiled at me. I smiled back at him. Charles knew I had been looking at his big hard cock and he was sure enjoying it. With him looking straight at me I lowered my eyes to the big bulge to make sure he could see me looking at it all the while kicking my leg in excitement. This did it. Charles couldn't help himself and he did what he had to do which was to come over to me and start up a conversation with me. It was more than obvious that he wanted so bad to get his hands on me and get some relief. I too was now soaked.

As Charles stood in front of me I again looked down at the bulge. I know this was driving Charles crazy. He was besides himself on exactly what to say. I knew that if this was going to go anywhere I'd have to help him out. So I did what I had to do and asked Charles 'would you like to go somewhere'? I could see the relief in his face as he answered 'if you'd like'. I got up from my chair and didn't say a word to the girls I was sitting with. I just wanted out of there and wanted to see what was making that big bulge.

We got out in the parking lot not really knowing where to go or what we were going to do. About this time Charles brought up his car telling me it was a big station wagon. So, this is where we went. When I got in it was obvious Charles was a married man with kids. I began to back out of this but it was too late. I just had to see it and see what made those kids. We jumped in the back seat and immediately came together kissing. My hand went straight for that bulge and Charles hand went straight for my boobs and then up my skirt.

In no time he had his slacks down and I had my panties off. He certainly was well endowed! It was beautiful. And Charles sure knew what he was doing when it came to playing with a pussy. His fingers felt wonderful as he did his magic down there. I soon had a mind blowing orgasm. I then concentrated on Charles's big hard cock and stroked him to a cum flying orgasm. I was hoping there was no one else in the parking lot because if there was they most certainly heard Charles. He almost was yelling as he came. It was the loudest orgasm I'd ever heard. And the evening was over for us as we both had globs of his cum on our clothes. I had never seen so much cum in my life. Charles was a lot of man, to say the least.

We then put our clothes back on and both of us headed home. How Charles explained the cum stains on his clothes to his wife I'll never know. I'm single and it was a matter of soaking my dress in warm soappy water when I got to my apartment. Charles and I haven't got back together again after that night mainly because he is a married man. I'd sure love to but don't dare. But I have often masturbated thinking about that thing Charles has that made that big bulge in his slacks that night that got me so turned on.



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