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Our Journey Home

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the last few hours driving home after dropping our friends off after a fun weekend camping break


Within a few minutes we were on a dual carriageway with not much traffic, I still hadn't put a bra on and told Kyle that he would need to stop somewhere before I got home so I could get one from my bag, he laughed and said okay then reached his hand across onto my boobs. He moaned that the diagonal seatbelt was in the way so I moved it to go under my arm rather than over my shoulder (and yes I know that was stupid).

My boobs and particularly my nipples, can be quite sensitive and in normal sexual fun with a boyfriend I really enjoy them being kissed and caressed........I had missed this stimulation with Luke earlier.....not complaining as the morning had been great in all other respects (and could not be described as "normal fun"). Now that my boobs were free from the restrictions of the seatbelt I decided to tease Kyle and also enjoy myself so I casually undid all the buttons on my shirt but kept the fabric together.

Kyle had seen rather than deliberately watched but he slowed down so there was a bigger gap between us and the car in front then he adjusted the interior mirror so it showed me, we were both smiling but neither of us spoke.......this was part of the fun trying to anticipate what the other would do next. I licked the fingertips of my right hand and without fully opening my shirt I slipped it inside onto my left boob and teased the nipple, it felt good.......and knowing that Kyle was now watching made it feel even better....my body responded accordingly.

Some girls say they can masturbate to orgasm by concentrating solely on their breasts rather than lower down and some claim that they can cum purely by using their imagination and flexing their vaginal muscles with no direct body contact at all. Orgasms like this have always alluded me but it would be fair to say that both techniques do play a part, however, I also need some form of direct stimulation of my clit/vag to ring the bell, and Kyle knew that.

His dick was hard and pushing against his shorts but he made no attempt to play with it or even adjust its position and I sensed that this would be his game. We had often enjoyed masturbating each other, sometimes mutually and sometimes just one of us masturbating the other (usually me giving Kyle a hj), we had also enjoyed watching each other while we both masturbated at the same time.

Except as overt sexual foreplay I cannot recall the two of us ever being alone together with only one of us self-masturbating as the urge to take over would be very strong; sitting in the car and knowing Kyle was horny with his hard dick in easy reach was quite a temptation! The easiest way to stop myself playing with his genitals was to  play with mine and see if he could resist me....

The seatbelt was still under my arm so I moved it back to its correct position over my shoulder but making sure that it crossed between my boobs rather than on top of a nipple as this would be so uncomfortable when they were aroused. I also slid down a little in the seat so that the lower part of the seatbelt was across my tummy rather than my hips, I was wearing thin cotton shorts and was now able to easily undo all the buttons at the front and wriggle them down onto my thighs.

Kyle just smiled but said nothing other than a general comment about keeping in touch with Marc and El and having to eat before too long. I usually masturbate with my right hand but as I was sitting on Kyle's left I thought that he would get a better view if I used my left hand as that arm would not be so much in the way. As I slid it into my panties and pushed the fabric down my clit didn't know the difference and was happy with the attention but it wasn't until a few seconds later when I had two fingers right inside me that Kyle reacted.

He laughed and said something like he gave in then reached over and slid his hand under mine so his fingers took over, that was enough. My emotions were demanding release now, it had been fun having Luke's hand there but Kyle's felt different, better, bigger, softer, gentler.....perfect.....I clenched my legs together and gripped his arm as my body stiffened then relaxed as a warm embracing glow flooded through me.

He had slowed down and continued watching the road rather than me so there was none of the usual personal interaction, it was something different and unplanned but that had added to the thrill .......the memory of those few minutes in the car was to become one of my favourite masturbation stimuli for many weeks. It was also the first time Kyle had brought me to orgasm while he was still driving, on a couple of occasions I had given him a full hj as he drove but, as a rule, we would always park up before the final (and messy) stages of our fun and this is what I wanted now.

Leaning over just a little I slid my hand inside the waistband of his shorts and boxers so I could touch his hard dick rather than just feel it over his clothes, it was completely the wrong angle to jerk him but the skin on skin sensation was so nice. Kyle told me that there was a large lay-by in a couple of minutes and he would pull in there, I moved my hand and started to pull up my own panties and shorts but he asked me to leave them. I was okay with that and for the next mile or so he reached out his left hand and just lightly brushed his fingertips over my vag.

The lay-by had been part of the original road before it was upgraded to a dual carriageway, there were maybe 6 or 7 lorries parked there plus a food van. As we drove into it Kyle moved his hand and I adjusted my shorts so that drivers in the lorry cabs could not see anything, we parked towards the far end exit where there was plenty of space away from the lorries for a little privacy.

As soon as we had undone our seatbelts we both moved our seats right back then Kyle made me smile when he asked if he could see my vag, I thought this was just his normal hornyness and I guess it was but he said that the pubic hairs I had trimmed off (a few days ago) had started to grow back and felt really different. It wasn't  the easiest thing to do but I wriggled my shorts and panties right off and again slid forward on the seat, Kyle leant over and moved my knees apart then looked and brushed his fingertips between my legs.

My orgasm a few minutes earlier had left me still aroused and swollen down there and Kyle's fingers briefly moved from the outside to the inside of my body, he kissed me then leant back again and licked them clean. When he had unbuckled his seat belt he must also have unfastened his shorts, I reached inside his boxers and held his dick, it was already a bit sticky from pre-cum and I wanted to fuck him but this wasn't the right place. We had about another 3 hours of driving so I knew there would be plenty of opportunities, I kissed him and told him that he would have to find somewhere way more secluded before we got back, he laughed and asked "just to put your bra on?" and we both knew the answer.

Lorries and cars had started up again and driven past us but as we were quite near the exit onto the main road I guess the drivers had been looking that way as nobody had slowed down to peer at us. Although I had really enjoyed the past few days and all the sexual fun with the others I had never sucked Kyle's dick,  oral sex was a major turn-on for both of us but I think I had a mental inhibition about doing it in front of friends as it seems a much more personal and intimate way to induce orgasms than fucking and wanking.

I started to push his boxers and shorts down as sucking a dick sticking out of clothing is nowhere near as erotic/sensual as when it can be seen and enjoyed au natural, Kyle arched his bum off the seat and they both joined mine on the floor.

Giving a bj sitting in a car requires slightly awkward positioning as the girl (or guy I guess) cannot kneel in between his legs or lay down diagonally as you would on a bed, it's a case of turning round in the seat and then leaning over. An added benefit for Kyle on that occasion was that my shirt fell open and he was more than happy to caress my boobs as I licked and kissed his dick. I knew that he desperately wanted to cum, I held his dick with my right hand and opened my own legs just enough for my left hand to rub my clit, Kyle had one hand on my boobs and the other under my shirt and on my back. It was as though all my nerves were being stimulated, in reality rather than sucking him off it was more that I jerked him off into my mouth, the force of his cum hitting my throat and tongue told me that he had enjoyed it as much I had.

Before setting off again we both needed a minute or so to recover, I was a bit wet down there and Kyle made me laugh when he asked me to use his boxers to wipe myself, although I could guess why I deliberately didn't ask and just passed them to him when I had finished. (I know that some guys like to sniff and cum on girls clothes but I have never heard of any girl with a similar thing about guys boxers.)

The rest of the journey was easy, we hit London after the main rush hour and as we approached our junction on the motorway Kyle received a text from his mother saying they were out and would not be back for a couple of hours; although my house was the nearest this was perfect and we headed there. It was nice just being the two of us together and naked, we cuddled standing up, our hands exploring each other's bodies as though it was the first time, shuffling backwards to his bed he half lifted and half pushed me onto it, his tongue on my clit told me life was good, we made love till his cum became part of me.

We lay exhausted for a few minutes, I don't think I actually had another orgasm but that didn't detract from the overall feeling of contentment and happiness, not just with the last few minutes but also the last few days. I didn't bother showering as I would have one before bed at home but I did put a mini-liner in my panties just in case Kyle's cum leaked out before then...and I did remember to put my bra on........

The next day Kyle got a call from Marc and El, the French couple we met at the campsite, they were travelling down to the south and we arranged to meet up in Brighton before they went home....I will tell you about that next time.....




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