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Younger Boyfriend

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I was married for 22 years and have two grown children and now live alone. I only started dating Ryan a little more than a year ago. When I first met him I was surprised to learn he was was only 29 years old. I knew he was younger than me but because he was bald thought him older. He has a very good sense of humor and I liked him right from the start.


I only had sex with my x-husband all those years but after the first few dates had sex with Ryan. All the years I was married the sex was good but it was basically the same everytime and we didn't try different ways to satisfy each other. Over the past ten months Ryan has done things to me that I never thought about. My x and I rarely masturbated ourselves or each other.

Over the last ten months Ryan has caused me to have the best sex of my life. He seemed to enjoy us masturbating each other. At first I thought it stange that he enjoyed masturbation of each other so much. Unlike with my x-husband we talk about our likes and dislikes often. I was particulary surprised when he explaind how much he likes to just look at my body and more or less examine me and touch me. How much he just enjoys shaving my pubic hair and adores seeing my nipples get hard. He told me how arousing it is for him when he knows and watches me as I orgasm. That he loves to see my reaction and even the sounds I make. He also said he gets excited if I tell him things like where to touch me or how fast or slow to go. I did think it strange but never had a man tell me so much or appreciate me so much.

It started as simple masturbation but is now beyond belief how much pleasure he gives and I seem to give him. All the years I was married I never in my life used a dildo or vibrator even when I masturbated before I got married. Ryan first bought me a penis shaped dildo about ten months ago which I honestly enjoyed him using on me. Within the following month he bought me a kit that included different types of dildos and vibrators.

Each time we experimented with different ways to masturbate each other sometimes on the bed but other times on differentt tables, even coffee tables, in my house or his apartment. We now always start our sex with masturbation and sometimes thats all we do. Many times both of us are to exausted and satisfied to do anything else. Anymore we hardley ever masturbate each other at the same time but take turns doing it to each other. We both seem to like being on a table rather then in bed when we masturbate each other.

When I mastubate him he enjoys me putting baby oil on him and at first just tease him by rubbing his scrotum and running my fingers over his anus and inserting the small vibrator in him. Even when I begin masturbating him I continue touching his testicals and the area between his scrotum and anus are sensitive to him also. He openly tells me where he likes to be touched or fondled. He usually ejaculates at least two times over a period of time but has cum three times the same night often.

When he masturbates me it is sheer delight. He likes to shave me so I let him even when it isn't needed. He has me lay different ways on the table and at times has me on my hands and knees. Aside from his fingers he uses the different size dildos and vibrators both in my vagina and anus. Other times I am on my back with my legs wide open and bent up. The whole time telling me how much he loves to see me so exposed to him. I think I was embarrased the first few times he had me do these things but am so aroused I am only interested in being satisfied. We talk and react to each other all the while we are masturbating each other which my x and I never did. I have so many orgasms as he does this to me I sometimes just hollar out and often yell, which I know he likes me to do. The thing is I don't even do it to please him and it is just a reaction to the overwelming sensation I get when he masturbates me. I never before realized how much a vibrator can stimulate me even when its applied to my anus.

We have sex often also but the majority of our sex is masturbation. I'm not sure how other people think and am honestly to embarrassed to tell any of my friends about what Ryan and I do to each other. Especially the way he has me display myself to him when I am naked or the things I let him do to me. It may sound weird the way we do all these things but I have never been so sexually fulfilled as I am now.



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