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Young Temptation

Posted by: Author: Age: 18 (13 then) Posted on: 7 comments
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This is the true story of the fun my friend and I had one evening


It was early afternoon and I had my friend, Cameron over at my house to play video games, watch T.V and other normal stuff that teens do. My parents were out on a job so we had the whole house to ourselves. We were watching T.V and just flicking through the channels until suddenly on one of the passing channels it showed a few naked women feeling and touching each other. I kept it on this channel for a few seconds and I looked at Cameron to see his reaction. He was watching the girls every move so I jokingly said "You seem like you this" followed by a small amount of laughter and a smirk. He replied with "Kinda do you" followed by another smirk, I replied with a yes and asked him if he has ever watched porn to which he also said yes which immediately got me hard. He asked the same to me in which I also replied with a yes.

I pulled out my tablet and looked up some porn of a nice blonde girl giving a man oral sex. I turned up the sound which caught the attention of Cameron, he got up from the separate couch he was on and sat next to me on the couch that I was on. We were both quite athletic and skinny but Cameron was a little shorter than me. We were both wearing shorts with thin material so it was very easy to see that both of us we hard. We both just sat there watching the porn until I looked over to Cameron to see if he was also rock hard like me in which he was and I caught a glimpse of him looking to see if I was rock hard which I was.

I went back to watching the video for about 30 seconds until suddenly Cameron moved his hand and put it on my shorts where my dick was. He started rubbing my dick which got me even harder and it felt so good, so I put my hand on his shorts and started rubbing. He then put his hand in my shorts and pulled out my dick in which I did the same to him. We were both uncut and both 4-5 inches in length. He started stroking my dick which felt so good and I did the same back to him. His dick felt so nice to hold and fit in my hand rather nicely.

I was so horny at the time that I put the tablet down and got off the couch and onto my knees and started sucking his dick like the girl in the video, he laid back and let me go. His dick had a small amount of pre cum on it which I sucked up as I was blowing him. He started moaning and after a few minutes he told me to get up and sit down. He then got on his knees and started blowing me, this felt so good better than all the times I had masturbated before. I started moaning and told him that I was about to cum. He took his mouth off my dick and started using his hand. After a few seconds I blew my load all over his face. He then said do me so I got on my knees and started sucking him off. After about 10 seconds without warning he moaned loudly and blew his load in my mouth. I was shocked at first but then spit it out all over his dick. He then wiped some of his cum on my face which I didn't mind.

We then cleaned all the cum up from his face, my face and his dick and went back to watching T.V as if nothing happened. This was the start of many fun sessions we have had together and are still having together along with other friends but that is a story for another day.



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