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Too Close on the Couch

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A friend of mine in junior high one day asked me over to spend the night and said he parents would be gone for most of it. I said I would be over. It Friday late afternoon and mom dropped me off at my friend's house. My mom and his mom talked (his mom was very hot) and my friend and I talked about kind of pizza we were going to get.
Right after my mom left, his parents were dressed up and said they were leaving and would back late. Cool I thought. The pizza came and ended up in his basement on the couch watching television and eating a whole pizza.
After the pizza we played video games and watched some more t.v. I dunno why I said it but I told my friend his mom was hot. She was though. Dark haired, pale skinned with big tits and tight ass. I asked him if she ever saw her naked. He said he had many times. I guess his family something of a nudist family. He said they all walk around the house with little or no clothing on. Cool.
My friend said he found something the other day in his dad's bathroom closet. He walked upstairs and came back with three video tapes. He said watch this as he slid a tape in the vcr. A guy with a monsterous cock was doing two big titted girls. I sat on the couch in disbelief thinking this was a porno.
We said on the couch about two feet from each other with hard ons in our blue jeans. I looked at his bulge and told him one of the girls looked kinda like his mom. He said yeah but look at this tape. As he got up from the couch his cock stood straight up in his jeans. He put another tape and it was his parents doing it. Parents porn. It was hot.
We sat about a foot from each other on the couch staring at the tape. His mom was hot and his dad had a huge cock. My friend looked my me and my bulge and asked if I jerk off. I said sure and then he unzipped his jeans. He was super hard and his cock about burst through his white briefs. I unzipped my jeans and pulled down my underwear letting out my growing five inch cock.
My friend reached on the side of the couch and pulled up a bottle of lotion and two towels. I thought then he had planned all of this. As I watched the video of his parents doing in doggie style and slowly jerking myself, I glanced over and watched my friend lube up his cock. His was smaller and thinner than mine but it was very hard. After he lubed up, he reached over and squeezed some lotion on my cock. He slipped or something and his head and hands fell right on my cock. He grabbed my balls and near my cock and pushed himself up. I couldn't hold it and cummed right there. I cummed on his shirt and hands. He just looked at me and said wow. My friend then said it was his turn and grabbed my hand and we both jerked him off. He cummed into a towel.
We watched another tape and jerked off by our own hands. We then went to bed. After this we never really hung out again. I guess it was my first real one night stand.



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