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Worried Over Nothing

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I was worried over nothing, but at the time, it seemed like a big concern, so I went to my doctor.


I told her that I found a lump in my scrotum. She was my doctor, about 42 years old, I would guess, just a bit heavy, but very sexy with long brunette hair that curled just a bit as it flowed over her shoulders and down her back. I was quite embarrassed to have her see my genitals, but hey what could I do? To make matters worse, she insisted on doing a full checkup before getting to my lump. She checked my blood pressure, swabbed my throat, took a blood sample, felt my neck, stomach and tapped my knees with her little rubber hammer. My blood pressure was a bit high, but she told me that was due to 'white-coat' syndrome. My heart was beating a mile a minute as I worried about her examining my lump.

Then she told me to remove my underwear. I was scared about the lump, so needless to say, I was soft as a noodle. She felt around my balls for quite a while, then said 'it's just a cyst. Harmless. Guys get those all the time.' Whew! But just to be sure, she wanted to refer me to a urologist.

So the next week, no longer particularly worried, I went to this guy who was around 55 years old, and seemingly remarkably fit, if not downright skinny. Being around 6' 4" tall, he looked almost anorexic. But he was very kindly. I could tell right away that his manner was caring.

His version of a full checkup was entirely different. He didn't bother with blood pressure or anything like that at all. Instead, he had me remove my pants right away. He felt the entire length of my dick, which caused it to start hardening up. He told me that most guys get erections during his exams, and there was nothing to worry about, or be embarrassed about.

Next, he spread open my peehole with his fingertips. Then he stuck a cotton swab in for a moment. Geez, that stung! He pulled my circumcised foreskin forward as far as it would go over my now totally erect dick, then all the way back. That actually felt quite nice! I knew I shouldn't enjoy such feelings from a medical exam, but what can I say? It did feel nice. I was starting to revel in his caring attention.

He had me flip over, so I was on my hands and knees, and put some sort of lubricant on my anus. He rubbed it gently around, which felt great. Then he gently pushed a finger in. All the way in! Then he pressed forward on my prostate while supporting my penis with his other hand. I don't know whether holding my dick was necessary, but it felt rather spectacular.

OK, now he had me flip over so I was laying on my back, and he got down to business. He started feeling the contents of my scrotum. Ever so slowly and carefully. He found the lump, and took quite a while, but found no others. He then told me, to my total relief, that everything was OK. An ultrasound would not be needed. The cyst would not grow, but it would remain there for life. I could have it surgically removed, but there was no need, unless I felt it was a cosmetic issue. Since no one can see that part of me and wouldn't find the lump unless they were feeling around, I figured could certainly live with it.

The next thing he said shocked and embarrassed me. He asked whether I had ever bound my balls with a string or rope. I had to admit that I played with that a few times. In fact, I had tied them so tightly that they turned blue a couple of times. Ah ha, that was it. He explained that I caused the cyst by injuring the spermatic cord, and should not do that again. Of course I won't! He also warned me about 'sounding.' He explained that a lot of men give themselves whopping infections by sticking things in their urethras. As he was explaining these things, my penis softened entirely.

"Anything else?" he asked. Actually, there was one other thing. I had always been a bit concerned about the fact that my penis curves to the left a bit. He said I'd have to be hard again for that, and without another word, he started expertly stroking my penis. As soon as it hardened, he had me stand up, and took a good look at it, as did I . It did curve to the left, and he explained that the small amount of curvature I had was entirely normal. I was really hoping he would do something else to me. At that point, and I know this is a bit pervy, I was really hoping he would do something to me that would cause a full-blown orgasm. But nothing of the sort happened.

That was all. I put my clothes back on, spoke with his receptionist about insurance for a few minutes, then went home - and stroked myself to a wonderful ejaculation while remembering the morning's appointment.



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