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A Different Way to Massage

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I discover a new way of massaging my high school sweetheart.


It was a Saturday night close to the holiday season. It was also the first Saturday night in months that I didn't have to work since my seasonal job working for a tree nursery let me go until spring. After cutting, bailing and loading Christmas trees since the beginning of November, I was more than happy to have the night off from smelling like pine trees, getting my hands cut up with bailing wire, pine needles and rope. Instead it was date night for me and my high school sweetheart, Raegan, who wanted to see the newest Star Trek movie that just came out.

I drove over to pick Raegan up and noticed her parents' car was gone. I knocked on the front door. Inside the house I could hear the pitter-patter of feet running around and seconds later Raegan opened the door wearing nothing but a bath towel. Her long brown hair looked slightly wet having just finishing her shower. She gave me a slightly nervous smile for a greeting.

"Hi," she said nervously. "I just finished my shower. All I have to do is get dressed and we can go... Once I decide what to wear."

This wasn't the first time Raegan has done this and I was positive it wouldn't be the last. As much of a turn on it was to see her standing there with just a towel on, all I could think of was the fact we were hoping to see this movie and it was going to start very soon. I even built in some time into the schedule just in case something like this would happen. I sighed and lowered my head knowing full well we probably weren't going to make it in time for the opening credits.

"Honey, I thought you'd be finished with all this by now," I began.

"I will, I will! It won't take long, sweetie. You can come on up and help me find stuff to wear if you want!"

And with that she was shuffling off up the stairs. Sighing because this wouldn't be the last time we were running late for any given thing we'd like to do, I walked up after her, slowly stomping up the stairs a bit.

When I got to her room at the end of the hallway her door was still open. Raegan wasn't the best at cleaning up so she had clothes everywhere, some clean, some dirty, some on the floor, some on her bed, some in drawers or in her closet. Raegan, in the meantime, was running around in her towel trying to figure what was what, knowing my annoyed frustration was only going to make her hesitate more in deciding things.

"No, not this one. No, not this... Where is it?!" she mumbled to herself, throwing clothes around more and more.

"What are you looking for?" I asked, hoping to help make her decision fast.

"I'm looking for that shirt I wore the other week. The black turtle neck, remember?"

I started looking around too, without much luck. I went through the piles of clothes all around the room. T-shirts. Jeans. Dresses. Pants. Long sleeved shirts. Even some bras and panties. No turtle neck to be found, though. I turned around, still somewhat annoyed at the situation, to see Raegan standing by her bed wearing nothing as she looked through the piles of clothes. The towel had fallen to the floor and she didn't bother picking it up, probably because of how comfortable she was with her nudity when we were alone.

"Nothing over here," I said.

I walked over to her, my annoyed mood starting to lessen. Raegan was still too busy looking through her stuff to notice. By the time she finally did notice me crossing the room I was already behind her with my arms sliding around her waist.

"Oh!" she jumped.

She laughed a little, her head leaning against mine in a sweet little nuzzle. Her hands came down to touch my arms and we just stood like that for a moment quietly. I started stroking my fingers up and down her smooth, flat stomach. Raegan leaned back into the embrace a bit more. The rushing around to find her clothes just melted away.

Sliding my hands up her stomach further I cupped her humble A cup breasts in my palms. My fingers played with her nipples and I enjoyed watching them grow and become harder the more I played. My lips brushed against her shoulder and neck as I started absently kissing up and down them. Raegan sighed.

"I should be getting ready," she whispered.

"Yeah, you should," I said kissing her more.

I started rubbing my fingertips across the tips of her hard nipples and it made her shudder against me.

"We'll be late for the movie," she sighed, not trying to break away from my exploring fingers.

"Yeah, we probably will be," I whispered in her ear.

"That doesn't make you mad?" she asked.

I turned her around to face me. Her naked body pressed up against my clothed body. I wrapped my arms around her to hold her close as we started kissing. My hands slid all across her back to feel her soft skin under my fingertips. I slid my hands down to her butt. Squeezing her cheeks in the beginnings of a passionate massage, I kept kneading her as our kiss became more and more passionate.

"It doesn't bother me anymore. We can get there when we get there."

"Well then," Raegan smiled, "I think one of us is more overdressed than the other."

"What about your family? When are they going to be home?" I asked, reality kicking in for a quick moment.

"They'll be gone for a while longer. They're out to dinner with friends."

Raegan didn't have to say another word. I walked over to the door, closed it and locked it. Then, as fast as I could, I got out of everything I was wearing.

Taking a quick step or two back towards Raegan, she welcomed me back with open arms. We kissed passionately again, breaking away so I could kiss down her neck, down her shoulders, all the way down to her breasts. She couldn't keep up with my attentions, just standing there letting me enjoy her nudity.

I got down on my knees in front of her, looking like I was ready to worship this woman that took my virginity only a few years before. She looked down at me in a loving way, stroking my hair. I leaned my head in and started to kiss between her legs. Her coarse pubic hair rubbed against my lips as I kissed. It didn't bother me, though. Because she was my first I didn't know any better and enjoyed that she let a bold, thick, dark triangle of pubic hair grow at her panty line. There was the heady smell starting to grow from her excitement of my enthusiasm to enjoy her body.

I tickled the area with my fingertips. Raegan widened her stance, opening her slender legs up wider to invite my wandering fingers to play in the curls of her pubic hair. My fingers stroked her slit, feeling her labia getting engorged and opening easily to let me explore deeper.

I pushed two fingers into her wetness as I kissed around her pussy. Looking up at her face, Raegan closed her eyes and had a slight smile playing on her lips. Her mouth was open as her breathing increased.

I worked my fingers in to the third knuckle, cupping her clit against my palm. Raegan reached down to hold that hand tight against her crotch as my fingers started to stroke her wet inner walls, brushing my finger tips one after the other up and down inside of her.

"Baby, you're going to make me cum too soon," she pleaded.

"Wouldn't be the first time," I laughed thinking of so many times before when she couldn't help herself while I fingered her.

"Not yet," she said, pulling my hand from between her legs.

She stood me up, kissed me and pushed me back onto her bed. I fell back into the covers, pillows and clothes and watched her get on the bed like a tigress, crawling up between my legs. I opened my legs wider to show her everything. Raegan had one thing in mind, her focus was solely on the throbbing hard cock rising from my crotch.

Leaning down to my crotch, Raegan's hair fell around her face as she took my cock in her hand and brought it up to her lips. Gently, lovingly she started to kiss the head and move her hand up and down my shaft. I actually felt an ache, part of me wanting to cum for her already, part of me wanting so badly to finger her pussy until she squirted across the room, something I managed to make her do a few times before.

I laid back and just enjoyed as her hand stroked my length, making me harder in her hands by the second. Her lips were enjoying the exploration of me, going from the head of my cock, down my shaft to my balls. Raegan's free hand started cupping and massaging my balls gently, making my hips start to move without me even realizing I was doing it.

Raegan started to suck on me, making my cock slopping with her saliva coating it. After sucking for a minute or so, she'd take her lips away from my cock and start stroking it vigorously. There was no better way to describe how that felt except beautiful agony every time she did it to me. I absolutely loved her sloppy blowjobs but the second she'd start the handjob portion of the attention I wanted to rocket ropes and ropes of cum everywhere, yet I didn't want the pleasure to end.

Raegan's eyes held to mine as she watched me moving in pleasure as her hand worked up and down, her other hand playing still playing with my balls. I couldn't open my legs wide enough to give her an invite to everything down there, I just didn't want it to end. In fact, I didn't want it to end so much that I reached down and grabbed her, pulling her up my body.

Her hair fell around us, making us feel like we were all alone on the face of the planet at that moment. Raegen smiled down at me, kissing me and rocking her pussy against my hard cock, grinding against me. Even with how soaked she made my cock from her saliva, I could feel how hot and wet her inviting pussy was against me. With just a few strokes her pussy juices were seeping out onto my lower stomach, my cock, my pubic hair and soon my balls.

Raegan sat down in my lap and started moving slowly. She never let me inside of her. That was something we talked about a few years ago, deciding we'd wait until we were married to have sex again. But that didn't rule out everything else we could do to please each other. I watched her hips move, looked at the intensity in her eyes and face. Reaching up, I kneaded her pert breasts over and over, teasing and rubbing my fingertips over her nipples again.

I was so sensitive at this point, my cock so hard for her, the head a giant mushroom shape my now, swollen and purple from holding back my cum. Not wanting to end it quickly, still, I rolled her over onto her back and laid down next to her.

We had a quiet moment as we looked at each other. No words needed to be said, our bodies were saying all the best words possible. I slid my hand down her stomach again to play in the pubic hair that pointed down to her soaking wet pussy. Touching her clit, I started moving my fingers over it in a circular motion. Raegan looked at me, her eye brows making her face look questioning. I leaned in and kissed her, moving my fingers a bit faster to make her moan into the kiss.

Easily sliding two fingers back inside of her, I started rubbing her wet inner walls again as deep as my fingers could go. Raegan's mouth formed a giant O as she felt me exploring, her breath coming in short gasps. My probing fingers could her sweet spot, where I'd rub the most intensely to help her squirt every time.

Raegan threw her head back and started thrashing around on the bed. She grabbed at me and dug her nails into my back as I kept moving and exploring. I could see her muscles starting to tense up all over her slender form. Her round face started blushing profusely as she looked at me and made faces that kept morphing from one start of pleasure to another until she finally just left her mouth open wide, her eyebrows pushed up in an almost "how could you make me cum before you" look.

I couldn't help but smile deviously knowing I could make her cum so hard. But at moments like this, feeling like I am in control of her slender 19 year old frame while she is so wet that she's dripping out all over the covers and clothes on the bed, I couldn't help wanting to send her over the edge whenever I wanted.

My fingertips stroked her as deep as I possibly could go and the look on Raegan's face was showed she was ready. Her legs opened wide, she started whimpering and trembling. Suddenly there was a clear shot of juice cumming from her soaked pussy to land on the hardwood floor of her room. Then another and another. I laid there in awe of knowing I could make her do that. I loved helping her ejaculate like that, she could never hide how good she felt otherwise.

After her body started to calm down and her shaking subsided, we laid together for a bit just cuddling. We kissed again, spooning a little bit and enjoying the fact we could lay naked in bed after enjoying each other. It was then that my hard cock pressed against Raegan's butt that she remembered.

"I still haven't helped you cum yet, baby."

"It's ok," I said, kissing her forehead. "I love helping you cum so much that sometimes I lose track of me."

She took my cock back into her soft, loving hands.

"I haven't forgotten," she smiled.

"I have an idea!" I said, smiling at her. "How about I take care of you after that big orgasm you just had?"

"It's your turn, baby," she pleaded.

"I'll take my turn and give you a little something to help soothe you," I said. "Now roll over onto your front."

I got on top of her, straddling her legs and resting my cock and balls right against her butt cheeks. Leaning over her, my hands started to stroke and massage her back, loosening all the tension that was there from her body seizing up when she came. Raegan let out a sigh and just enjoyed it, my hands trying to work deep into her muscles. My cock kept brushing against her, my balls getting tickled by the soft skin under them. It didn't hurt that the view of her ass kept making me harder and harder every time I looked at her whole naked back.

"Do you want me to try something different?" I asked.

"What did you have in mind?"

"Just yes or no," I said.

Raegan took a moment and then said, "yes."

I took my cock in my hand and started to stroke. Looking down at Raegan's naked body laying under me and all the build up we just went through, just touching my cock was enough for me to feel like I wouldn't last long.

I started to stroke just around the head of my cock, being the most sensitive there. My balls were sliding against Raegan's ass as my hips started moving slowly. Raegan reached her hand back and cupped my balls, letting her fingertips and nails gently tickle them. It didn't help me to want to hold back much longer. The tingling between my thighs got stronger and stronger with each movement my hand made on my cock.

Soon I was stroking quickly, wanting to milk my cock for her. My body started to spasm slightly, my orgasm soon on it's way. My hand worked faster on my cock head as my breath was coming in gasps. Raegan just laid there, enjoying this new experience, still playing with me, smiling with her eyes closed. The feeling of her skin against mine as I jerked my cock was too much. I leaned down over her giving myself the last few strokes to push me over the edge.

The first contraction was so strong it shot a long rope of cum towards the back of Raegan's neck. I kept stroking the shaft as my cock emptied my balls all across Raegan's back and skin.

"Oh baby, I'm cumming... I can't hold back anymore!"

"Don't stop it, cover me with it!" she sighed.

More ropes of cum shot out the head of my cock onto her until I was spent. Only an oozy trickle of cum was left on the head of my cock. My loins were so spent that I could barely move my legs. I gave myself a moment to just relax and get back to normal.

Once I had a breather, I started massaging my cum into Raegan's back slowly and sensually. She smiled again, sighing as she let my hands rub my cum into her skin, up and down her back and even down to her ass. My hands were slimy and covered in my cum, which was something I didn't normally enjoy for myself.

In this case i thought of all the times Raegan let me cum on her. I came on her breasts many times. I came on her stomach more often, though, when we were doing stand up handjobs behind her dad's garage in the summer. With all the times she let me do that for her, I could do this for her this once. Maybe even more than once.

Soon all the cum was rubbed into her back and her skin actually had a glow about it. Raegan sat up on her elbows and looked back at me with a big, beautiful smile.

"Best moisturizer there is!"

We got off her bed, kissed a few more times. I reached out a few times before she threw on panties and a bra to finger her a little more, which she willingly let me do for a minute or so before pushing me away.

"You were the one so worried about being late for the movie, now you want to spend the night here at my parents' place?" she laughed.

Point taken.

We both dressed quickly and walked out the front door to the car. And when I looked at her I noticed that she was actually wearing that black turtle neck she was so worried about finding.

"You found it," I exclaimed, pointing at her sweater.

"I never actually lost it," she smiled, giving me a knowing look.

With that she pulled up her sweater quickly to flash her perky breasts one more time and then ran to the car.



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