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Working in a Massage Spa

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Back in the mid seventies I worked as a masseuse in a massage spa for around a five month period. The place was outside a large city well outside the city limits. I worked for a woman in her forties who was from Korea. She was nice but very stern with us girls and she would not allow any penetration type stuff which was fine with me. I remember when I started working there she said 'massage only. No fucky. Only your hand. You know; massage'.

The customers I liked the most were the middle aged married men. Many were regular customers. I'm sure it was the thrill of being naked with a pretty young strange woman and the getting to feel some nice young female flesh that lured them in as well as the pleasure they received from us and our hands. They were always gentlemen and often did a lots of talking. I saw so many penises while working there. All shapes and sizes. Large, small, long and short. Cut and uncut. You name it. I saw long hard shooters and those that just dribbled their cum. We were very skimply dressed when giving the massage and the customers were allowed to touch us although I'd let it be know early on 'no fingers' referring to my pussy. It was always interesting seeing if your customer was a tit man or a leg man. I always knew by what they first went after for a feel.

The customers that were the most fun were the young ones. They were young men of 17, 18, 19 years old. We didn't check licenses back then and would only allow obvious young men in. I did once or twice see boys come in that were obvious young boys with ragging hormones and we'd run them off. Anyway, it was easy to tell when I had one of these young men and he was having his first sexual experience with a girl. They were always so nervous and red faced. I always did my best to make the experience as memorable as possible for them. At just the first touch of my hands on their back would get a little jump out of them. I'd rub them down for a while and then tell them to turn over. Oh, the looks on there faces at this time when they first turned over exposing there ragging hard penises to a girl for the first time. The excitment in their eyes was something I'll never forget. With them I'd forget the 'massage' thing and would take their hand and guide it to my breast and give them there first feel of a girl's tits. I'd then lower his hand to the inside of my thigh and run it up and let them rub my pussy thru my bikini bottom or tights. There penises were about to burst at this time and I'd let the hand go so he could feel what he wanted to while I poured oil on his penis. Almost always with them just as soon as my hand wrapped around there penises they'd come. This was always a sight to see as again almost always there cum would shoot out with such force it often went over their heads. Squirt after squirt would follow covering there chest and bellies. If time permitted I'd often let them settle down some all the while feeling up my body. At this age these young men would stay hard as a rock and I'd pour on more oil and start stroking them again. This time they'd take a while and they seemed to really enjoy this. They would soon come off a second time and add to there cum all over there front side. I'd then clean them off and let them dress. Without fail, these younger men would always leave with the biggest grins on there faces. This was always a rewarding sight to see.

I finally hooked up with a customer and this ended my career as a masseuse. To say the least it was quite an experience.



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