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I've Always Liked Him

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I am what used to be called 'of independent means'. In other words, my parents left me extremely well off. So, I have my own home, fully paid for, and do not need to work.


My next door neighbour worries about me. He is in his early 60s and a total sweetheart. Even though a strong wind would knock him over, he was concerned when we had a family of travellers targeting the area and when they knocked on my door, Allan came round and saw them off. Then, to my horror, five days ago, the blue lights of an ambulance took him to hospital. He had suffered a fall and had broken his right shoulder. A very nasty injury for anyone.

I went to see him in THE most awful ward. I am sure that one of the residents was dead, and, in short, it was a typical British NHS geriatric ward, understaffed and totally lacking in care. It seemed the logical thing to do for me to pay for private care for him. The change was miraculous. Now he had his own room, dedicated nurses and a decent menu. It is outrageous that this has to be paid for but it would appear we have no choice.

So, sitting there with him holding his hand and talking to him, Allan seemed so comfortable.

I don't remember exactly how the topic came up, but he was talking about his wife. She had died ten years previously and very suddenly, of pancreatic cancer. This vile and savage disease often gives no warning of its presence until it is far too late, and then treats its sufferer to a truly horrible end. There had been no other woman in his life since. He spoke of her with such unutterable tenderness, and underneath the sheet that covered him, I could clearly see the stiring that signified an erection.

Allan was lying back on his pillow and I reached under the sheet. His right arm was in some kind of traction/support device, but I was on his left side. My fingers closed around his cock and I started to jack him slowly. Hie eyes widened in surprise and he started to tell me that I didn't have to do it, and that he had not meant to suggest....but what he didn't realise was that right there, at that moment, I wanted to do this for him more than anything. As his cock grew I stood up. Allan, despite his age, is no 'little' man. As I wanked him, the thought popped into my head that it must have been a VERY long time since he felt a pussy, so I took his left hand and put it up my skirt. You know, he left it where I put it and made no attempt to get into my knickers. In the end, I said 'Allan, I want you to do whatever you want. You can finger me.. anything.' I swear, if he had asked me to fuck him I would have been on that bed and astride him in a wink. Instead, I reached under my own skirt and took his hand and put it into my knickers and pressed his finger inside me. Soon, I felt his finger move and his thumb found my clit. I felt his enormous cock harden fully and the tip became wet with his pre-cum. Suddenly Allan took a huge breath and I flipped his sheet back as he jetted a massive arc of cum into the air. It hit his chest before I could get down to catch the rest...(not sure if I am allowed to say where on this site)

Allan subsided afterwards, but not before he had brought me off.

He is home from hospital now and although he can't do much for himself yet, I help him in the house as well as the visiting nurse.

I suspect some readers are wondering... did we? The answer to that is, at the moment, no. Will we? You know, one of my all time kinky fantasies is to be laid by a much MUCH older man. I just love the thought, so if Allan wants to, then yes, I will be happy to have him screw me. The thing is, this fantasy is 'nasty'. By that I mean I would want him to be really dirty with me and, well, humiliate me. I don't know if Allan is up for that. Either way, if he fucks as well as he fingers, SHIT that will be horny!



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