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With My Friends

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When I was younger I was starting to realize masturbating was becoming a need in my life, the urge to do so was strong then and felt so incredible. Unbeknown to me, some friends I made back then were feeling the same way. One of my friends, Jason, and I were really good friends, we usually just hung out at his house, playing video games, skateboarding and what not. Occasionally I'd spend the night as his mom didn't mind at all. We were nearly brothers so when I stayed over we usually just walked around in our briefs, which was alright with his mom too. One night I spent there I found my self getting really aroused, possibly from us walking around in our undies, I noticed Jason in a whole new way. I found myself staring down at the bulge in his briefs and then a thought came up. I asked him. "You wanna look at some porn?" This wasn't really the first time we had, but the first time I decided I may jerk off in the presence of my friend. "Alright." He said. I didn't need to explain that I wanted to please myself as he got the hint and I climbed up to the top bunk. Jason hastily adjusted the monitor of his computer to face the bunk beds and put on porn, then he climbed into the bottom bunk. In no time I removed my briefs and had my hand going up and down my cock with my other hand exploring my body. After a few minutes I found myself thinking of my friend, so I peeked over the side of the bed down to see him in all his glory. His dick was bigger then mine, about seven inches and had a fuller bush than I. His hand seemed like a blur moving to please him ever so. Still jerking to this sight of my friend, he soon looked up and found me staring down at him. A bit embarrassed but curious to know what he'd say, I asked him if he wanted some help. He didn't say a word, but got up from his bed still naked and motioned me to sit in the bean bag chair on the other side of the room. I followed the orders and then slowly but surely parked it right there. Jason eased his hand around my cock and started jacking me off like no other time I had alone. He asked me, "Have you ever done this before?" "No." I replied. He smiled and then released me from his amazing grip. Then something happened I'd never forget, Jason began to use his mouth. I'd never gotten to this point with a girl, but my best friend, who'd have thought?! It was pure ecstasy, his mouth was going up and down my shaft in a way I knew was impossible to do with your hand. I couldn't take it. I shot my load in my buddie's mouth. Jason stood up and exchanged spots with me and asked that I return the favor, which I did. That night was incredible, we fell asleep about 20 minutes later holding each other on the bottom bunk. To this day we still do things like this all the time.



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