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Surprised by Joy

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Happy jacking


When I was younger, I had a crush on a classmate named William. He wasn't the best-looking boy, but he was kind of cute in a nerdy kind of way. He had dark hair, down to his shoulders, elf-like ears, pretty blue eyes, and very fair white skin.

For the longest time, I wanted to see William naked, but never got the chance. He was very modest, and covered up in the change rooms, though some of the other boys teased him. I wanted to see what kind of equipment he had.

One day I got my chance. William was sleeping over. I woke up in the middle of the night and went to the toilet. The door wasn't locked, so, still half-asleep, I just walked in. There was William, sitting on the loo, completely naked for some reason. Then I saw that he had a magazine (not mine, he must have bought it with him) and was jacking off his very respectable manhood.

His cock was about five inches, plump, and red. He had quite thick pubic hair - very dark and pretty against the white outline of his tummy. His balls were smooth and round, like eggs.

I asked William what he was doing, stupidly, but he wouldn't answer. He simply raised his hands to his lips and grinned. Taking a hint, I pulled down my silk boxers and showed William my boner - four and a half inches, light gold pubes, nice balls, fair skin. William was very impressed.

Being very quiet, so as not to wake my parents, William and I crept back to my bedroom. Once we were in bed again (we shared my double bed), I took off my clothes. William and I then touched each other's bodies and pretended to make out with each other, like couples we'd seen on TV.

William pretended to be the girl - with his soft lips and fleshy nipples and smooth skin, it wasn't a big leap of the imagination - and I played the role of the guy. We jacked each other off and by morning the room smelled sort of gross, like boy juice!! Sometimes, when I jack off, I still fantasise about being with my 'girl'. What an awesome, beautiful memory!! But I regret William didn't have a nice, wet, delicious pussy for me to finger and explore.



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