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Wife's Purple Vibe

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Wife helps me try a new technique, with fun results!


My wife Mabel isn't much into straight sex, but she likes to help me masturbate. She typically does this by kissing me and licking my nipples while I stroke. Sometimes she goes a step further and talks me through a fantasy, which really gets me hot.

Last night, after the kids were in bed, Mabel came into the bedroom with a wicked gleam in her eye. "I want to try something," she said.

"Uh-oh, another Pinterest thing?" I joked.

"Nope, not Pinterest. Tumblr. They have the kinkiest people on there."

With that, she directed me to strip naked and lie on my back. She went to her dresser and returned with her favorite purple vibrator; it's about 7 inches long and fairly straight, but she likes it because it's powerful and quiet. She also had two thick rubber bands, the kind you find in the produce section of the market, wrapped around asparagus or celery.

"What are those for," I asked pointing to the bands.

"You'll see," Mabel replied.

She set the toys aside and began kissing me and whispering in my ear. "You're in a convent, and the nuns have caught you snooping around their lodgings," she said. "You are therefore to be punished. All the sisters are gathered around to watch." Mabel knows I like nun fantasies and pictures of naked women with habits and cross necklaces and nothing else.

"What sort of torture do you .. I mean they have in mind?" I asked.

"You will be forced to cum while some of the girls take turns licking your nipples and stroking your naked body. These are nuns - they haven't seen a naked man in years!"

With that, she placed a blindfold around my face. Then she started licking my nipple while teasing the other one with her finger. By this time I'm rock hard.

"Now that we see you're ready," Mabel said, "We can begin the punishment."

I feel a hand wrap around my cock while something long and cold is pressed against the base of my shaft and along the length. Then I feel the pressure of something tightening around the base of my cock and further pressure. The rubber bands! The other band secured the tip of the vibrator to the underside of the head of my cock - the most sensitive part.

"Are you ready for this?" Mabel asked. "The video I watched made it look pretty intense." I can only nod, not knowing what to expect.

The vibrations were like nothing I'd ever felt before. Instantly my cock began to twitch and harden more, and the rubber bands acted like cock rings - my cock felt huge! Wave after wave of vibration coursed up and down my shaft. Mabel returned to licking my nipples. "My, look at you go," she said. "It's all a-twitter!"

The double sensation of the vibrator and the nipple play was too much. My cock was twitching so hard it was practically levitating off my body. Each twitch was met with intense vibrations that seemed to build one upon the next. I had no control over these sensations, and I was loving it.

"Oh shit, I'm gonna cum," I said. I felt Mabel give my nipples one last rub before she backed away. Just in time, too. I let loose several streams of hot cum up my chest and stomach, and the vibrator kept buzzing, which made it more intense. Mabel left the vibe running for several more seconds, then she switched it off. Taking off the blindfold she said "Look at the mess you made! Pretty impressive. And you didn't need to do a thing!"

I look forward to trying that again!



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