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Air Force Blue

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There was a line from the regs for the wearing of the women's Air Force uniform skirt, something about 'The skirt can be two inches above the knee if the lady can wear it.' In other words, if she's got the legs, she can have a shorter skirt. This is about one who had the legs to pull off a skirt nearly four inches shorter.


'TENHUT!' The group commander called the group to attention for the morning formation. I enjoyed this, not only for the feeling of pride I had wearing Air Force blue as an Air National Guardsman, being part of something larger than myself, but also that my squadron commander wore her uniform skirt almost double what the regs permitted. What made this sight even more exciting to me was that she always wore pantyhose that were tan and shiny, and she also wore three and a half inch black patent heels. I loved that my position in the formation always gave me a great view of her shapely calves and just a tease of her wonderful thighs.

When she sat down, she always crossed her legs. More often than not, I could see her skirt ride up, and see those wonderful legs. It was always difficult for me to sit there, my penis trying to rise up in salute to my commander's wonderful gams, and counting the hours until I could go back to my motel room, where I stayed for the monthly weekend drills, and masturbate about Captain Buckley for hours.

Captain Buckley was about 45, with brown hair, blue eyes, and in addition to probably the best legs in the Air Force in my opinion, had a very nice set of tits. She wasn't drop-dead gorgeous, or plain, but had a very pleasant face and a manner to match. She was also married and about 20 years older than me. I never thought that I would ever be able to fulfill any fantasy I had about her, and would have to be satisfied with seeing those glorious legs one weekend a month, and masturbating about her when I could.

Like me, she also served just the one weekend a month. I worked as a security guard the remainder of the time. I had started a new assignment in an office building. As I was making my patrol of the building, I entered a stairwell and began walking up. 'X! X!' I heard someone call.

I looked around, and just beneath me, on the stairwell was Captain Buckley, waving to me.

'Captain Buckley! How are you?' I waved to her as I walked down the stairs.'

'X, are you working here now?' I told her I was, and she told me her office was on the floor below. She was wearing a flowered print dress that fitted her well, accentuating her tits, but too long to show off the objects of my lust for her. She was also wearing flats.

'Well, it's good to see you, and I'll feel safer knowing you're here to keep me safe.' She smiled and gently touched my arm. It felt like electricity, and when she smiled, she became absolutely gorgeous. I felt my cock suddenly become hard as rock.

'What time do you finish?' I told her I was on duty until five.

'Great! Come by my office. You can walk me to my car and maybe we can get a bite to eat. It's not often when I get to see one of my people outside of the drill weekends. And please, here, you can call me Lydia.' I couldn't wait until five.

At 10 after 5, I knocked on Lydia's office door. She called out to come in. She was behind her desk, talking to someone I took to be a friend. 'That's right, Angie. The sonofabitch wants alimony. Can you fucking believe it? He cheated on me, and he wants money because I make more than he does.' Lydia told her friend to hold on a minute. 'Come in X. Have a seat.'

'Is everything alright, Cap...I mean, Lydia?'

'Yeah, it's just that my cheating soon-to-be-ex-husband is making unreal demands on the alimony. I'll be just a minute longer, sweetie.'

Did I hear her right? My commanding officer called me 'Sweetie'? Maybe it was a reflex action. Still, it was nice to hear, especially from the lips of a woman I lusted after.

She returned back to her conversation. 'Listen Angie, I'll call you later this weekend. I'm going to have dinner with one of my troops. Yes, it's a male troop. Oh, hell yeah.' She smiled and winked at me. Holy Shit, was this happening to me?

Lydia said goodbye to her friend, and placed the receiver back on the phone. She got up, got her briefcase, smiled at me, and said 'Let's go, X. Would the gentleman please escort this lady?' I pretended to bow and said the gentleman would be pleased.

As we walked down the stairwell to the parking garage, Lydia told me of how the pending divorce was playing havoc with her feelings about herself. I told her that she was a worthwhile person, an intelligent woman, and (feeling bold) a very sexy one. She stopped, put down her briefcase and hugged me! I enjoyed the feeling of her firm shapely body against mine, and I put my arms lightly around her.

'Hug me tighter, X. Please.' I did, gladly. I felt her arms tighten around me. She pulled back, tears in her eyes, her arms still wrapped around me.

'Thank you, dear. It's nice to know that I'm still attractive to someone.' I told her I was sorry I was just a lowly security guard. She said 'Stop that! You are a very capable man, one of my best troops that many rely on, and a damned attractive guy. My friend Angie asked me near the end of our conversation if you were sexy. Did you hear me say 'Oh, hell yeah'?' I blushed with pleasure at hearing this. 'How about we go to my house, and I'll make us dinner? I can bring you back here, so you can pick up your car. Besides, you are in uniform, and you might not feel comfortable in a security guard uniform when you aren't working.' She was right about that.

We got into her car, a very nice looking Caddy, and hanging in the back was her Air Force uniform, dry-cleaned. 'Remind me when we get back home to take the uniform out of the car. I need to get it ready for next weekend's drill'.

We drove to her home, just talking occasionally. She pushed a button on the dash, and the garage door opened. Lydia drove into the garage, and shut off the engine. We both got out, and I mentioned the uniform. She said thanks, and I followed her in.

Her house was big and roomy, and was very comfortable. There were many pictures of her during her service, including several where she was wearing her uniform, showing off those legs I coveted so much.

'Have a seat, honey. Are you hungry right now, or can you wait for a little bit? I'd like to get my uniform squared away so I can relax. I also have a report that's going to take time after work next week for me to finish, and I'll need to have no distractions.' I told her I could wait. She smiled and said thanks, and went into the bedroom. 'Honey'? Even if she just said it absently, it sounded good to me.

I read a magazine, and a little while later, Lydia came out-wearing the uniform.

'I wanted to make sure the ribbons were straight, and it's easier to have someone else take a look. Are they straight?'

Of course, this gave me a chance to look at her rack, and also to quickly look at her shapely legs, encased in those pantyhose and heels that always made me hard when I looked at her.

'Uh, yes, they are, ma'am.' I felt very tongue-tied.

'Good. Now, I'll fix dinner now, knowing you're hungry by now. She took off the uniform coat, put it on a hanger, and walked back to her bedroom, with me looking at her ass and legs all the way.

She came out, still wearing the light blue uniform blouse, that cute tie the women wear as part of the uniform and the skirt, pantyhose and heels. She put on an apron, and began cooking.

'How's spaghetti sound, X?' I said that was great, and she started preparing our meal.

'Come into the kitchen, dear, and talk to me.' I went in, sat on a stool, and talked and glanced at Lydia's fantastic legs, the light in the kitchen reflecting off the pantyhose, making me squirm with both delight and discomfort, since my cock was trying to force its way out of my pants. After some desultory chatter, I shut up, and we were both quiet.

'X, do you really think I'm sexy?' Her back was to me as she was cooking.

'Lydia, I think you are very sexy.'

'X, will you hug me again? Please. Right now?'

'Yes, Lydia. Right now. Turn off the stove.' I was trembling with excitement and lust, and my throat felt dry. She turned off the stove and I walked over, feeling very confident.

'Turn around, Lydia.' She did so. I put my arms around her and drew her in close. I felt her arms come up my back and her hands squeeze my shoulders.

I pulled back and looked at her. As she looked up, I leaned down and kissed my commanding officer. Our kiss became passionate, and I took advantage of my position to run my hands over her ass and squeeze. She moaned quietly and broke the kiss.

'X, X, oh, darling! It's been so long since a man held me and kissed me like that.' I told Lydia I've always wanted to. She looked up in surprise.

'Really? You've always wanted to kiss me?' She was smiling in pleasure.

'Yes.' I worked up my courage. 'And to touch your legs.'

She sat on a stool, letting the tight skirt ride up. 'Do you like my legs, X?'

'Very much, Lydia. I have to be very candid with you. Your legs have always made me want to masturbate about you.'

She looked at me with what I thought was offense. The thought, 'Oh, shit, I went too far', crossed my mind.

She smiled. 'How often do you masturbate about me, X?' I told her that at least twice after the Saturday drill, twice that Sunday night after I got home, and at least several times a month.

She whistled. 'Wow. I must really turn you on, don't I, darling?' I nodded. She kicked her legs, like a Rockette dancer, and made me even more hard, if that was possible.

'Well, I know I have great gams, and enjoy showing them off, but didn't know they were inspiring one of my troops to gratify himself sexually. Do your fantasies include me masturbating you?' I nodded, being unable to speak.

'Have you ever had a sexual fantasy fulfilled, sweet?' I managed to croak out a very shaky 'No.'

'Let's go into the living room, X. Dinner can wait, right?' I nodded as she took off the apron, took my hand and led me to the couch.

She sat down, pulling up her uniform skirt, and crossing her legs.

'Sit next to me, darling.' I did. She reached over, undid the buckle on my uniform belt, unzipped me and reached into the fly of my underwear.

'Well, honey, you'll have to stand up and take off your shorts. You are way too hard for me to get through that fly.' I stood up so fast that my unbuckled pants dropped to the floor, causing Lydia to laugh in delight, as well as me. Of course, this also made my hard-on shrink a little. I got my shorts off, and sat on the couch. I kicked off my shoes, pulled off my socks, and finally completely removed my pants and shorts. I was sitting on the soft couch, feeling the warmth of it, and the warmth of Lydia's body.

'Look at my legs, my love. Look long and hard. Your penis has shrunk and I need to get it hard again. I want you hard, darling.' I looked at Lydia's incredible legs, reaching out and feeling the soft shiny nylon for the first time. She closed her eyes.

'Umm, that's nice, darling X. But we have plenty of time for that. Let me take care of you first. A good commander takes care of her troops first.'

She slid next to me, unbuttoning my uniform shirt, pulling it off, then pulling off my t-shirt. I was completely naked.

'X, you have a great body! I'm going to savor fucking you all weekend long. We're going to do lots of things when we get together from now on, my darling, but first, let me take care of your nice hard cock.'

I'm not that big, just average, but another lover said it was thick, and that she couldn't wrap her hand completely around it. Lydia found she could, but just barely. She found that very exciting.

Her arm went around my shoulder. 'Look at my legs, X. Look hard while I stroke you, my sweet. Look all you want. Look at the legs I will be wrapping around you later while you fuck me hard and long and all night.' Her voice was hoarse, and demanding. I was in a haze of lust and closed my eyes, feeling Lydia's soft breast against me, her hand around my cock, stroking me towards my orgasm. Just then, I felt her shift, and her knees were pushed against my bare thigh. I felt the softness of the nylon pantyhose.

'Come for me, X. Come for me, darling', she cooed into my right ear. She kissed my ear gently. The only sounds in the room were the ticking of a clock and my rapid breathing.

'I'M COMMMING, LYDIA! UNNNNNNNGH! AGGH!' My hips bucked, and my come flew about two feet onto the table in front of the couch. She held me, rocking me, kissing me gently. When I had regained my composure, she sat back and looked at me.

'As your commanding officer, I order you into the bedroom and into bed. I will be sitting there on the edge of the bed, showing off my legs. Your orders are to stare at my legs, become erect, and stay that way until I can undress, mount you and ride you until I come. Do you understand, Sgt. X?'

'Yes ma'am, Captain Buckley.'

'Then kiss me, darling, and get in there.'



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