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Wife & Girlfriend's Mutual Pleasure (5)

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Probably the final part of this story but the pleasuring continues! I hope it's appreciated, not least by those women who have given me so much joy through their inspired descriptions of how they masturbate. A comment would be great plus a link if there is one! There is also a link here to some earlier stories about what wife and I get up to!

Probably the final part of this story but the pleasuring continues! I hope it's appreciated, not least by those women who have given me so much joy through their inspired descriptions of how they masturbate. A comment would be great plus a link if there is one! There is also a link here to some earlier stories about what wife and I get up to! Christine and Angela were meeting for sexual activity two or three times a month. They were celebrating and exploring their own and each other's sexuality, realising their fantasies of masturbation with another woman, experiencing orgasms of unbelievable power and, in Angela's case, having someone with whom to share and extend her sexual gratification now that she was single. They usually spent three to four hours together. Everything they did was still new, naughty and exciting. This time they decided to start by taking a shower together. At first they were clinging to each other in a warm wet embrace. Christine told me that it was not long before she put her right arm between Angela's legs and her open mouth on one of Angela's breasts, drawing as much of it in as she could and using her tongue on the nipple. She kept moving from one breast to the other with Angela moaning and clutching Christine's ass cheeks. Eventually, with shower gel, their hands were slithering with abandon all over each other's body. In Christine's words: 'It's hard to say which was more thrilling-the touch of Angela's hands sliding all over my body, or the sensation as my hands moved over hers. Sometimes both was happening at the same time which was out of this world. Naturally we were both drawn to the sweeping curves of breasts, belly, hips, buttocks and thighs. Feeling the warm, wet slippery flesh was sensationally erotic. It wasn't long before our hands were sliding smoothly between each other's legs. 'We were doing this together, almost facing each other. Our right hands traced the deep cleft between the other's relaxed buttocks, fingers teasing the anal whorl before sliding through the hollow below the perineum and then slipping between labia to find the opening of the vagina and then up to a slippery clitoris. We did this lots of times as well as kissing deeply and the more times we did it the more time we spent sliding fingers into anuses and touching clits. Sometimes we took turns to use both our hands on the other person sliding one hand from the back and one from the front between the other's legs, gently penetrating and massaging. 'This was the position we liked best for masturbating having tried some other ways such as facing and rubbing each other at the same time, or rubbing ourselves while feeling the other somewhere nice. Angela stood at my right side, her right hand fingers vibrating my silky clitoris and two fingers of her left hand stimulating my anal sphincters. It didn't take long for me to implode in an orgasm so intense that my legs almost buckled. 'I masturbated Angela in the same way except my left thumb was teasing her anus and my fingers were in her vagina. I could hear swishing and slapping in the soapy water. She was palming her nipples, gasping and telling me how much she wanted to cum. Soon she was shouting 'Faster, faster!' and then 'I'm cummiiiiinnnnnngggg....'. Her body shuddered in climax as she ejaculated into my left hand. 'I had a surprise for Angela-something you do with me. I reached out for my cotton dressing gown belt, soaped it up and stretched it between her legs and up between the cheeks of her bottom and the lips of her vulva with the ends up her back and stomach. In no time at all, as I held up the end behind her back she was tugging, jerking and shaking the end up the front, holding her breath then gasping as she reacted to another pulsating orgasm.' A few minutes later they were warm, dry and naked on Angela's large bed amongst the many pillows and cushions They had asked me to set up two camcorders the previous day. One was about shoulder height to one side of the bed and the other was as high as possible over the foot of the bed, pointing down. These were now set to record. Then, as planned, they took turns to hump each other's supple thighs in all the positions they could think of, using the cushions to help position and support themselves. For the first time I could watch and listen to my wife and girlfriend pleasuring each other. It was incredibly erotic to see how they positioned their bodies in exotic ways to enclose firm flesh between their legs as their hips and buttocks rocked and thrust. They humped fronts of thighs, backs of thighs, thighs at all different angles, thighs underneath them, thighs above them, up in the air, stretched out wide or bent over backwards. Their smooth pussies and creamy thighs were wet again and as each sort relief their body jerked spasmodically to breathless climax. Three more beautiful scenes unfolded: First Angela draped her body over a bolster and a mound of cushions so that her plump cheeks were raised up. Christine, with outstretched knees, knelt behind, parting her labia and began to slowly hump Angela's buttocks. Her magnificent bottom moved this way and that as she once again ignited the aching urge in her loins. She told me the feel of her stiff throbbing clit sliding back and forth over Angela's smooth muscular bottom was amazing. The videos, especially the one high over the foot of the bed, portrayed, in wonderful detail, Christine's build-up to climax. The rhythmic thrusting of her hips and buttocks grew steadily faster as did the flexing of the muscles in her thighs. Suddenly she stopped and seemed to hold her breath then gasping and grunting she came wildly with short and rapid thrusts, crying out as the orgasm surged out from her clitoris, pulsing through her stomach and thighs, spasm after spasm, making her toes curl and her fingers grasp at anything. She put one hand between her pubic mound and Angela's butt and climaxed loudly several more times. Later the two friends lay facing each other, propped up by pillows when Angela initiated another thing new to them both: She slid with open legs towards Christine who opened her legs and the two came together like pairs of scissors, easing themselves further forwards until their pussies were touching. They drew the pillows nearer so they could easily lean up to see and touch each other's glistening bodies and outstretched thighs. They set up a regular rhythm, trying to keep their clits together. Angela set the pace and Christine matched her momentum to keep their pussies rubbing against each other. Angela was grinding harder and faster. A beautiful scene unfolded as their voluptuous bodies were intimately entwined in frantic motion. Suddenly Angela screamed out her release as she exploded violently, and came profusely, their crutches making slapping and sucking sounds as she rode out every rippling wave of pleasure. Christine had not reached orgasm this way so she sat in the arm chair with her legs over the arms to bring herself off facing the tall mirror. She described what happened: 'I had no sooner sat in the chair to attend to my flushed and swollen pussy when Angela knelt in front of me. She was kissing and licking my juicy inner thighs and belly but my loins were aching once more for deliverance. Her long blond hair was falling about in front of me and I ran my fingers through it as she continued kissing and licking in a most sensuous way. I could see her glowing body in the mirror, shining with sweat from her exertions and I could see myself above the waist and her head bobbing between my hips and raised up legs. 'Her hands were now under and lifting my bottom and mine were cupping and palming my breasts. Quite suddenly my clit was on fire and I began to quiver and shake. My muscles were tightening and I was gasping for breath. Soon the indescribable pleasure was wracking through my arching body. Angela gave me all the relief I needed as she continued in the same wonderful way to stimulate multiple orgasms, which were almost continuous. My groaning ecstasy intensified whenever, with perfect timing, her finger pierced and tormented my tight contracting hole.'



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