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All this, and money too.

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The Uni I go to has an art department, and when I read that they wanted models for their life class, and that the would pay me, well, what's a girl to do.


the teacher was very laid back. "You get 30.00 for an hour. You sit, naked in a pose we shall give you, and the students draw you. They may approach you to see a detail, but they won't touch you." 

Cool! I went to the art department, and noticed that the side windows had black blinds on them. In the middle was a chair on a raise Dias. I changed into a dressing gown and walked into the room. There were about 20 students there, mostly female. The teacher had me sit on the chair, leaning forward, legs apart and arms on my knees, kind of flopped over. 

Even as I sat down, I felt myself getting wet. Ten minutes in, and I could clearly smell myself. I looked at the students. One of the lads was clearly embarrassed, and the tutor spent a lot of time with him telling him he must look...really look! One girl in particular kept approaching me, and looking really hard at my body. 

She kept coming back for more too! It was fucking horny, especially when I realised she was looking between my legs. I wanted to lean back and really spread for her, but that would have ruined it for the whole class. 

But girls are really attentive. We pick up on things boys maybe wouldn't. Such as when she approached me, she would inhale...deeply...through her nose. Such as the flush I saw on her neck every time she did this. Such as the looks two other girls gave her, and the whispered (and lip-read) "fuckng dyke" I saw one saw to the other.

When she got up close, she would mouth things to me, or wink. "Lovey pussy" or, "mmmmm....nice" when she had smelled me. 

Half an hour in, I was itching for a pee. (It was colder in there than I thought, and yeah, I should have gone before.) another ten minutes and I knew I wouldn't make the end of the session, so I asked the tutor if I could take a bathroom break. Immediately, this girl said, "I'll show her where it is." 

I sped my dressing gown on and she led my upstairs to the girls toilet. In there, I picked a stall, and was about to close the door, but she said, more as a question "leave it?" I spread my legs so she could see, and peed. As I did, she reached up her dress, and pushed her hand inside her panties. "Do you mind?" She asked. "I've needed this since you first sat down. Don't worry, I won't touch you." Don't worry? Whaaaaat? 

I leaned back against the cistern, and kept my legs spread for her. I love being watched, and I love watching too, I loved seeing her fingers moving in her little purple panties, and I loved watching her orgasm approach. It got closer and closer and closer, but quite slowly, so I thought I might speed things along by a little role play of my own. I decided to play the innocent. "I've never seen another girl do that before....it's so sexy....it's make me horny. Go on....cum in your panties for me....let me watch it happen. I really want to watch you cum." 

Then, I slipped my hand between my legs and said "I hope you don't mind, but you've really turned me on! I didn't think another girl could do that for me!"

"You've never.....done...anything with another girl?" I lied in my teeth and said "no....but......" and left it there. She (I never did know her name) whispered "I'm gonna cum" and she shuddered as she came, delightfully, into her panties. 

Then, she knelt between my legs and said "May I?" I actually sucked my first finger knuckle as I nodded at her, she knelt between my legs and for a moment, I really thought I was going to get a suck. Instead, the fingered me to orgasm. I held it off, and played the "first time" virgin for as long as I could. She was intensely skilled with her fingers too. 

I came hard and long. 

Then, back to class for the rest of the session. I felt much more relaxed...well...a good cum always does tha for me, but she, the bitch, kept making sure I saw her smelling her fingers which only turned me in again.  Knew I would be leaving a little puddle in the chair, and spent the last ten minutes figuring out how I could clean it up with my dressing gown, while not LOOING as if I was cleaning it up! 

I walked across the college fields towards a gate. It was getting dark by now. I had loved being naked in front of strangers, and I have signed up for more of that...a sculpting class, and (of course) an erotic art class. 

Then I heard a noise. A gasp, and a moan. In the gloom I saw a girl on her back and a guy on top of her. His trousers were down just below his bum, and she was pulling him into her. Her legs were bent and up high. As I watched, she crossed them across his back. He was fucking her savagely, and she was encouraging him to "fuck me...,fuck me hard." 

I didn't stop though. There are always opportunities to see sexual things. All you need are th eyes to notice them. Pubic displays of affection make most people uncomfortable, and they will look away. I don't. If I see a couple groping each other, I watch. If I see a boy rubbing his dick through his trousers, I watch, and I know the difference between when a girl is merely adjusting er underwear or having a quick touch of her clit at the same time. I have learned to watch...and it pays its rewards. 

In my little car (I drive now!) I thought about having another sank before going home, but it didn't appeal to me. I did decide to slip my panties off....I love not wearing underwear. The freedom is great, but it's also yet another taboo which I love breaking, also, if I change my mind and want a wank, well, it makes life easier. 

About half way home, I decided that I did want a cum in the car.  Hitched my skirt up and fully exposed my lower half. Cars alongside me could see nothing. Lorry drivers however, were a different story. 

At each set of traffic lights, I gave myself a fiddle. I'm one of those drivers who can make any set of lights turn red just by approaching them. I was wet, thinking all kinds of filthy thoughts and images when a large lorry pulled up alongside me. Left hand Drive. So a foreign trucker, then. Didn't stop me. I let him look as I fingered myself, thinking about what he would be doing in his sleeper cab that night. I made sure I held of my orgasm until the next set of lights, where I let his see me obviously cum. 

I haven't been fucked in my car yet, although I have plans to make that happen. I fancy the thought of a back seat fuck, or maybe a front seat one, seat back folded right down, my feet on the dashboard....mmmmmm. 

And that image came from next doors babysitter. They use a teenager called Abbi. Once I passed my test, I was eager to drive anyone anywhere. So, I'd offered Abbi a lift home one night. She's a goofy teenager, and she was wearing a shirt, skirt, and I guess underwear. Her shirt had fallen open to reveal a cute little tummy piercing. As she's quite young, I made small talk about it. She showed me it in detail, confessing that she can't change it herself. Apparently a friend does that for her. 

As she was sprawled back in my passenger seat, holding her shirt open and pushing her tummy forward, I just had an image of someone between her legs fucking her up the side of her panties. It was then that I knew that's what I want to do.

So....I've been working on a guy from Uni. He's older, and married. I've been giving him just enough to make him interested, although he hasn't touched me yet. I'm going to offer him a lift and see if I can get him interested in my tummy piercing too!



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