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While at Work

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As a Truck driver I have to shower at truck stops. This shower got a bit interesting.

A while ago I was at a truck stop in Idaho (USA for those not from around here). I went in to take a shower and as I always do before showering I opened up Solo Touch on my phone so I could get off before my shower. I had just sat down and was starting to get hard while reading a story on here when my door opened. Now I have been single for a while since my wife died last year in a car wreck so I am not shy about my personal time. I guess (I will call her Samantha) didn't hear me over the sound of the fan inside the shower room and I didn't get the door latched but anyway in walks Samantha to clean the shower. Our eyes met and there was nothing I could do to hide myself even if I had wanted to. At first Samantha started to back out and apologize with her arms full of towels but I quickly assured her that it was OK and I wasn't mad.

Samantha was about 5' 8" with brown hair and blue eyes and an amazing figure. As she began to back out of the shower room again someone started to walk down the hall so in a flash she moved into the room and closed the door behind her. I could tell that she was kind of freaking out but at the same time she kept looking at my hand wrapped around my very stiff cock. At that moment I just thought what the hell and began stroking it again. It wasn't like I asked her to come in so I figured that she didn't have to stay if she didn't want to.

As I started to stroke my dick I looked at her and she smiled and just said "um, did you need help?" I was not really expecting that. hoping yes but I didn't expect it. I just said "sure you won't get in trouble?" she assured me that she had one shower to clean besides mine and that it could wait. She set the stack of towels down and came closer and asked if I minded her touching me. I was thinking "I haven't had sex or had a women touch me in five months so no I don't mind." I told her that I would like it. She reach around to the shower stall and turned on the water then knelt down in front of me. I had used some lube that I carry in my shower bag so she just started stroking me and oh man did it feel great!

After a minute she told me that she wouldn't have sex with me but if it was cool with me she would like to be fingered. I told her I would love to and asked her if she would turn around and bend over as she pulled her pants and panties down. She didn't miss a beat and just stood up and unbuttoned her pants and then turned around and slowly pulled them down with her panties. I lightly touched her waxed pussy and then slid a finger in her and I heard her gasp and then she put both hands on the tile wall while still facing away from me and shoved her ass out at me and it was game on.

I fingered her with first one finger then worked up to three while she tried not to call out. I was oozing pre-cum when she came hard on my hand. I grabbed her hips and pulled her pussy to my mouth and then licked as she finished her orgasm. She tasted as good as Kerry had and I just kept plunging my tongue into her until she pulled away. When she did she kicked her jeans/panties off from around her ankles and then grabbed her panties and inserted them into her vagina! I was blown away then she licked the head of my cock and was about to suck me off when I stopped her. I needed to shower before that happened so I just put her hand back on my dick and within a few minutes she had me shooting thick ropes of cum.

After I came she said "well that makes for a good Monday." then she smiled at me and pulled her white pink panties out of her pussy and left them on the counter as she pulled her pants on and left me to take my shower. After my shower though when I brought the shower key to the desk, Samantha and her coworker laughed and said "we hope you enjoyed your shower and come back soon!"



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