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Exchange Student

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a couple of interesting weeks...


Some years back my family began hosting exchange students who were learning english. The room they stayed in was my brother's old room just down the hall from mine separated by the bathroom. He had moved out a while ago and being the only other child it was nice having some company around. We got boys for the first few and it was cool just to hang out with them and talk about life, different cultures etc. Then things got interesting when we received a girl...

She was from mexico, a few years younger than me, quite petite and quite attractive. We got along great and her english was already decent. The first night we talked a lot about all sorts of things as best we could. She asked if I had a girlfriend and kinda giggled, sadly I had recently broken up with my gf. She seemed only somewhat empathic... We said goodnight and went to bed. My usual pattern is to masturbate before I go to bed, usually i'm quite quiet and secretive of this act but that night I wasn't so. Our rooms weren't that far apart, and I wasn't sure if she heard me or not. This continued for a few days until after our talk we said our goodnights, a few mins later I went to the bathroom as I hadn't brushed my teeth, etc. when I came out I heard soft moaning coming from her room, she had easily heard me in the bathroom. Her moaning and breathing got quicker and faster till she orgasmed in a final satisfied moan and relaxed. she said goodnight through the door and giggled. I went to my room and quickly came in my own not so quiet manner.

The next night we said our goodnights and nothing really happened... until I heard a gentle knock at my door a few hours later. I was intrigued and was wide awake instantly to answer the door, there she was, my first sight of her not fully clothed. She had beautiful legs and she was in cute white panties and a white tank top, she had smaller breasts but her nipples were hard and showing through the thin material. I was hard as a rock and only in boxers. She said she had a bad dream and she was scared to sleep alone, right... and she had a devious little grin, but like I was gonna say no.

She climbed into the bed and I followed, she snuggled right against me, her back to my chest, spooning. Her nice round ass snug against my crotch. she rested her head on my one arm and the other I placed around her waist. Not having a gf for a while my cock was throbbing and no doubt she could feel it. She said she felt good now, but when she said it she rocked her hips back and forth. Somehow I don't think she meant not being scared. my hand was just above her panty line, she re-positioned herself so my hand was just touching the fabric. she mumbled an mmhmm in my ear and let out a soft moan, I almost came right there. I moved my hand down and across her thighs and inner thigh coming up to caress her pussy through her panties. I could feel she was wet. I gently cupped her, feeling the soft material, her warmth and wetness. She pushed her hips out wanting me to continue. I teased her a little, light touches causing her to almost whimper in anticipation. My hand dove under her panties and through her soft pubic hair to her clit which I teased again softly. I continued on, entering her softly and slowly with a finger till my palm could also massage her clit. She now began to moan more steadily as her breathing increased. I found her g-spot causing her to inhale sharply as her hips began to rock in rhythm to the thrust of my fingers. Her ass was massaging my cock as well and with her moaning in my ear and what my hand was doing I was close to coming myself. I whispered I was coming for her and I pushed into her ass as my cock pumped and pumped cum into my shorts. Her breathing became more ragged as she was beginning to lose her breath, she finally came and began getting too loud, I turned her head and kissed her to be quiet, she moaned, till she was done, into my mouth. We both settled down and fell asleep completely spent.



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