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What Happened in L.A

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My lover recently asked me if I'd ever masturbated for anyone else, and this was the only time I could think of, so I thought I'd write about the event here so he (and you) can read it.


I was 26, with long brown hair and (apologies to Melanie Griffith) had a 'bod' for sex: full, firm breasts, narrow waist, and a high, curvy ass. I was dating another musician and we attended a music conference together in Los Angeles, but booked two hotel rooms because we were trying to wait a while longer before having sex.

The problem? We were both about as horny as two people have ever been. I was in a constant state of arousal, and neither of us were virgins by a long shot, so we both knew what ecstasy we were missing by abstaining, which made us even hornier.

He walked me to my room, and the night air was still warm on our skin. Stepping inside, he began to kiss me deeply, and after a few minutes of making out like teenagers he stopped and breathlessly asked if I would do something for him.

I would have done anything.

'Lie on the bed and let me watch you make yourself cum,' he quietly told me, although it sounded more like a plea than an order.

I knew from having my body pressed against him moments before that his cock was rock hard. My pussy was aching for relief, so I didn't have to consider for long.

'Okay.' There was a bit of frustrated resignation in my voice, but I desperately wanted to orgasm, so my fingers it would be.

I was naturally modest, and had never performed such an intimate act for an audience of any kind, but with little hesitation I slipped my jeans off and walked to the king-sized bed. I pulled off my top and bra in one motion and laid on my back with my head on the pillow.

My right hand traveled the familiar path over my breast, across my stomach and stretched its middle finger between my very wet and very warm labia lips, rubbing the slick juice onto my clit. I went immediately to 'the spot' right above my engorged clit and began to slowly rub in a circular motion.

I heard a low moan from the foot of the bed, and opened my eyes to look at his face. His eyes were riveted on my glistening pussy as my fingers moved faster. His hand was on his crotch, but his cock was still inside his pants.

My body began to elevate... at least that's the way it felt... and in less than a minute my legs began to tingle and my breathing became fast, my eyes closed as my head pressed back against the pillow.

The few seconds before an orgasm are miraculous! My entire body becomes involved, on alert, for the impending thunderous event it's about to both create and revel in. When I felt the onset of this electricity beginning to emanate from deep inside my abdomen, I arched my back and groaned.

'Ohhhhh.... OHHHHHH....' I kept moaning, building, until the moment burst through me and I had to cry out over and over as I came for my boyfriend, who was frozen on the spot he was standing, watching and listening to my cries as I kept manipulating my clit, reaching for every last wave of pleasure it had to offer.

At length my hand stopped rubbing, and I smiled weakly as I felt my body leisurely float back to earth and I was finally able to open my eyes again.

He walked toward me, bent over and kissed me as he slipped his fingers across my slippery pussy lips.

'Thank you,' he spoke softly. 'I love you.'

He turned and left the room, closing the door behind him, knowing his own orgasm would be only moments away.



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