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The Theatre

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This happened two nights ago.


My friend had one of the lead roles in a play, so she bought me and my three other friends tickets. I sat by Nick, who was the newest friend to me. We didn't really seem to have much of a connection, but he sure was VERY hot.

I was wearing a halter top and I was freezing, so Nick gave me his leather duster. The seats were great until a tall man sat right in front of me so I couldn't see at all. Nick offered to switch seats but I told him I still wouldn't be able to see, because a woman with huge hair was sitting in front of him. 'Come here' he said. 'You want me to sit on your lap?' 'No, I want you to suck me off in front of your friends.' I stared at him and he laughed. That's when I realised he was joking. I sat on his lap and curled up under his duster.

My friend Alyson gave me a perplexed look and I mouthed to her that I couldn't see. She nodded and went back to watching the show.

I jumped suddenly when I felt a finger touch my sex. I must of been deep in watching the show, that I hadn't felt Nick put his hand up my skirt and push aside my panties. The tip of his index finger traced an erotic pattern.

'Nick,' I said quietly, starting to feel embarrassed. He carried on and said 'Spread your thighs for me luv' in a low seductive voice by my ear. 'Please.' It must of been the please that had me moving under the coat, opening my legs wide. He teased my folds, and gradually tickeled around my clit. He slid a finger into me which felt so good. But then suddenly, life came flushing back for a second, and I looked around, worried people would know what we were doing, but no one was watching. I was about to tell him to stop when he curled his finger which made me go back.

Unbelievable pleasure shot through me when he rubbed the upper wall of my inner core, stimulating my g-spot. I barely managed to hold back a moan as he continued to torture me that way.

'You're so hot,' he whispered silkily by my ear. 'So wet.'

I whimpered as a second finger joined the first inside of my body. He began to slide the digits in and out of me, his thumb finding my clit with ease. He pressed down on my clit and started to massage in a circular motion, causing as completely wonderful sensations washed over me.

'I want to be inside you,' he told me quietly. 'I want to hear you gasp and moan and whimper my name out loud as I thrust in and out of your slick core. I want to be anywhere but in this bloody theatre surrounded by hundreds of people, as I touch you.'

I bit down on my lip as I exploded into orgasm, from his touch and his words. He had to hold me tight as I tried so hard not to buck wildly as he slid his fingers in and out faster as the orgasm went on and on.

Finally he brought out his hand. The lights suddenly turned on and I snapped my legs shut. I felt my face flaming and knew if anyone looked they would know what me and Nick had been doing. I quickly pulled my panties up and stood up, feeling slightly dizzy. It was only the intermission.

I sat in the toilets for the whole fifteen minutes thinking and fantasising about what had just happened. I made my way back to my seat for the last half of the play and looked at Nick. He gave me a sexy smile.

Guess what happened for the next hour.....



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