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What About That Pesky Bottle?

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The first time I teased her online


What About That Pesky Bottle?

Before I get started, you need some background. This fellow Solotouch member and I had been chatting for at least a few months before this night. We chatted about everything but sex and masturbation. We discussed marriage, kids, architecture, the different cities we live in, all kinds of stuff. We came to find out that we are living fairly similar lives. Married with kids, little to no sexual contact with our spouses, but not wanting to jeopardize our marriages. I guess that what found us both on Solotouch. We started talking a bit more about what we were missing from sex and why we were members. It eventually got to what we like to do to fill the void. Consequently, we felt fairly comfortable with each other by the time this night rolled around.

I fortunately had the house to myself as I had moved to a new city ahead of my family. This gave me some options. I donít recall exactly how this night started, but I know at some point we were texting and sharing what we wanted to do to ourselves that night. Of course, it eventually led up to how we were both planning on masturbating. Although, I think she had to suffer because of very limited privacy. So, she would tell me what she wanted to do, and I told her what I had planned to do. I was getting pretty worked up by this point and a few drinks helped loosen my inhibitions. So, I started thinking about sharing a little more of myself. I started with just my chest to my neck. Not fully committed to full frontal quite yet (at this point of the night).

Being that we had never previously really chatted about sex, John had mentioned to me that he wanted to toy with the idea of sending pics while we chatted live that night. He had never done that before and wanted to tease me that way. I, of course agreed to it. We both agreed to log into Skype that night and see where things would go from there. We starting chatting about our day and the norm for us. All of a sudden I get a pic of a somewhat naked John, I say somewhat only due to the fact there was a pesky bottle in the place where his penis should have been. He was teasing me right from the get go and I loved it. I told him how sexy the bottle was and of course he ran with it. I kept getting shot after shot of the bottle instead of his cock. Finally, I donít remember how exactly , but the chat got more sexual. I knew a pic was coming because John got quiet. Sure enough the next pic I got was the tip of his cock playing peek-a-boo with the bottle. I saw only a glance of it but I loved how he was teasing me with the pics that night.

The bottle was a perfect prop. Similar shape (far from similar size though), and it sat on the counter at the right height. So, I teased her. And I ramped up the teasing because I could tell what it was doing to her. First a couple shots of me and the bottle. Then, a little peek, just the tip. This garnered a grand response. I knew I was going to have to keep going.

So, eventually I ended up showing my cock fully projecting from behind the bottle. She loved this. I think she had seen naked pics of me before, ones I had posted in my gallery, but this was happening real time, while she was chatting with me. I could tell she was getting excited, even through text. I was too, so I had to keep going. I kept on teasing her. Fully naked, but my hand covering my cock, Then just the tip peeking out. All the while, texting and teasing, knowing that she really wanted to see a full frontal.

I had pretty much exhausted all the ways I could tease her, so the time had come (cum?). I was about to fully expose myself to my online friend for the first time. It was a real rush. I was rock hard. I snapped the pic and sent it off.

SInce I was so aroused, I knew I was going to have to take care of the situation and proceeded to tell her about what I was doing and continued sending pics of me stroking in various poses.

I donít recall exactly how the night ended, but I suspect it was with me shooting a huge load across the kitchen floor and her applauding my efforts. After that night, I knew this was going to continue, and perhaps get a little more risque. Weíll write more about those sessions in later stories. And if anyone is interested, I posted some of the photos from this night in my gallery.

The night ended with John teasing me with a promise to keep sending me pics when I had to signed out. Needless to say , my inbox on my skype account had a few nice pics of how much John had enjoyed that night , even after I had to leave. That morning we decided to continue the fun , only this time live on cam and mic , and so this is just the first of many fun moments John and myself have shared.



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