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Wendy from the Gym

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I recently had my first mutual masturbation experience with another woman. Her name is Wendy and I met her at my gym where we both have been taking some yoga classes.

Often after our workouts we head over to the local Starbucks for an overpriced coffee. On our way out Wendy's car would not start and she asked me to give her a ride home so she could call her brother to come over to give it a boost. Always ready to meet a single man I offered to wait and drive her back to the car. We got the car going and Wendy asked both her brother and I back to her home for a drink.

Her brother declined but I went back. We had a drink and talked about our lives in general and the conversation turned towards sex, men and the last time we got laid.

We were both in out workout clothes and I could feel the moistness increasing in my tights. Wendy's nipples were protruding as she told me about fucking her last boyfriend in his car in the airport parking lot before he was to leave to Iraq. My story was not as good, just a bad one night stand on date #3 with a guy who never called back.

By this time I was pretty horny and was thinking about going home for some solo action. Wendy offered me another drink and spilled some on herself when pouring it out. She quickly took off her workout shirt and sports bra, exposing her large breasts. Wendy placed her hands under them and lifted them up, asking me if I thought they still looked good.

Not knowing what to answer I said they looked better than mine. Wendy laughed and said 'show me' and a few seconds later I had my top off and we stood facing each other, out nipples just touching. Wendy ran her hands over my breasts, then down between my legs.

I did the same but ran my fingers under her tights and pulled them down to her knees. Unlike me she does not shave and has a full bush. I helped her take her shoes off and with my nose inches from her pussy could smell the sweet musky odor of another woman. When she was completely naked I too stripped off as quickly as I could.

We both sat naked on the sofa for a moment, unsure where this was going. Wendy suggested we lie on the floor beside each other. We did and I ran my fingers through her hair down to the wet crack hidden below. She moaned as she opened her legs. I did what I do when I masturbate; I run a moist finger up and down my crack, over my clit. When I did this to Wendy she cried out as if in pain. That stimulation is just too much for her, she is too sensitive, she explained.

I stopped and we had a discussion on how each of us masturbates. Wendy began to show me and soon was writhing in pleasure as she had an orgasm. I squatted beside her and tried to do the same. I could not push myself over the edge and sat down on the carpet frustrated, almost in tears.

It took a moment, and another drink for me to relax but in the end I did. Wendy turned down the light as I lay on the floor and fantasized about an old boyfriend. When I finally came it was pretty good. Wendy managed to squeeze another out while watching me.

Since then I have seen Wendy twice at the gym. She has been very friendly but the subject of that night had not come up directly. The second time, I asked her if she wanted to come over and see my apartment but she said she could not as she was on her period. Like an idiot I did not understand what she meant until later.

I am looking forward to having another evening together and will keep Solo Touch updated.



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