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At Sunrise

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Just a story of an FF experience..


Hello I'm Lianne I'm 14 and I'm one of those shy 'swotty' girls you probably don't talk to much! Most people don't talk to me anyway, and so as a result I have absolutely no love life, or even love interest. Well that was the case until Sunday lunchtime anyway!
Mom had cooked a sunday roast for herself, me, and my second-cousin Rachel (16 years old). Mom had to dash off for work and so she kindly ordered me and Rachel to do the washing up. Anyway it wasn't the most boring of chores; I hadn't seen her in nine months so we had a jolly old chit chat. She's the cool type; not amazingly popular and not a tart, but well respected, pretty, and with no-one against her. We basically discussed our differences and had a laugh. It escalated to a foam fight, flinging the bubbles of the washing up liquid at each other.
After about ten minutes of this, we were saturated! Our clothing was stuck to us, though we never saw this as remotely sexual. We just laughed for a while then decided that as it was the evening and mom would be out until the afternoon tomorrow, we might as well undress and lay in bed; watch a movie or two, that sort of thing. Well, I was wearing a light blue cotton bra on my 30a chest, and a wrap-skirt bikini for underwear as it's so hot this time of year. She was wearing a skimpier bikini set which was very revealing and tight on her body. We just giggled; it was amazing how much we varied in daringness too!
She leapt on my bed and I noticed her underwear was stringy - well I now know that to be a 'thong' to quote the real name! I was gobsmacked as to what that was like, and told Lianne just so. We laughed and she suggested try it on as we're similar size in waist and hips. I blushed a little, I mean it was underwear we were dealing with, and she slid it off. I noticed she had some fuzzy hair underneath, and I felt embarrassed as I knew I had none. I just blushed some more and pulled my wrap-skirt down and slid the thong up. I found it totally uncomfortable and pulled it off in a rush, and ripped it! Lianne laughed her head off, thankfully for me.
Anyway we eventually agreed to just lay on my bed naked leaning against a cushion on the headboard each watching the movie. I was utterly self-conscious unlike Lianne - she had a perfect figure as I told her, in raptures of blushing I add! This is where I think we were both utterly shocked! She lent forward to kiss me in thanks jokingly on the lips, but it seemed to linger (in a nice way). We both thought it was the other who'd made it last, but didn't care. I felt this weird and completely new feeling in what felt like my stomach, and I told her. Lianne kindly asked if she could try something, and touched me briefly there. I told her it felt amazing and to carry on, in about a hundred more words than that though! So she very softly rubbed me there up and down and it felt amazing. In fact I nearly fainted at one point it was so good - it was my first orgasm and amazing at that! So we switched off the trashy movie and she slowly told me all about masturbating, and in fact told me all about this website, which she's a regular to! We read a few experiences together and just tried little things one ach other. After signing off, we lay on my bed and fingered each other for a few hours; amazing fun I can only say! We're not lesbianly in love or anything, but as she lives closer we are going to meet up as much as we can, just for some relaxing fun again!
Thank you for reading (and writing too, it's so useful)... Thanks again!



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